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Connect with your employees on mobile by adding some fun to internal education, onboarding and team building.

Employee Engagement - Gamified

We work with company leaders who want to take internal education, training, onboarding and team building to the next level.  You may simply want to give your program a boost by introducing a ‘fun’ element to your program, or you may be looking to launch a completely new mobile program.  Whatever those needs get in touch and we’ll talk about how we can help you achieve those goals.

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White Label VS. Social Scavenger

Your Very Own App

With Social Scavenger you have a unique opportunity to have your very own White Label version of our app.  This means your employees are interacting with your brand and everything feels internal.

Use Social Scavenger’s App

Of course there are many factors that may influence which solution is right for your company.  Time, budget and goals are just a few considerations.   Get in touch and we can find out what makes sense for you.

A few considerations that may help you decide White Label vs. Social Scavenger App


I need something fully branded
I need customization and integrations with internal systems or processes
I want our employees to feel complete integration with our brand and programs
Branding inside the game is likely good enough
I need this done very quickly
My budget is <$15K

How it works

Develop & Build Strategic Game Programs

We can work strategically with you helping to develop your program or we can simply show you how to leverage our powerful game building system.   The flexibility to easily create all types of games from an Amazing Internal Education Program to a Multi Location Scavenger Hunt  and then moderate, export, report and share the results are just some of the ways we try to make your life better.

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Game Play

Our core function is to enable great games. It’s not just about having loads of features and cool technology, it’s about empowering people to create games that are inventive, creative, engaging and easy to play. We’ll work with employers, HR groups and other internal leaders to make sure game play is both fun and strategic.  The best part is that games are always straight forward for your employees and they won’t need any technology beyond their mobile phone.

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Managing Content and Results

The game center allows you to keep an eye on your game with a quick login.  You have access to all challenges and submissions in real-time and can edit on the fly.  When it comes to reporting and results we work with our clients to evaluate if standard or custom reporting are required to make your program work

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A few brands we’ve worked with


Nation Wide Employee Education Gamified for Engagement


Bringing together hospitals around the U.S.

Integrated Leadership

Week long program amplified through competitive game

Employee conference

Enabling networking and communications

Coca Cola

Executive team building on global retreat with a Mystery Hunt around London


Connecting employees as part of program

Reward trip

Amplified with amazing gaming fun

More than Scavenger Hunts

What’s in a name?  A Scavenger Hunt is a known commodity but we are building challenge based programs that help you achieve your goals.  So the name will match your program.

Amazing Onboarding Races
Training Time Treasure Hunting
Murder Mysteries in Education
City Discovery for Team Building
Escape the Meeting Room

Product launches, awareness, content generation?  Those are just a few ways Social Scavenger works with PR firms.


More than the sum of the challenges, Scavenger Hunts bring out the best in your teams and make for amazing experiences.


We partner with companies who want to take their internal learning and education to the next level...by making it fun and memorable.


Let’s not walk or run…let’s amazing race!  Driving both awareness and raise money through unique fundraising experiences.

Just a Few Key Benefits


Custom programs mean engagements will connect directly to your program and goals

Unique Experiences

We aren’t doing trust falls and staring at monitors for hours on end.  Fun is memorable.

Mobile Fun

You have to sometimes go where your audience is...which as we all know is on their phone.

Custom Features

We build custom features and reporting as required to support our clients goals.

I attended a Professional Development day hosted by my employer where we participated in the Social Scavenger activity. I found the activities included in the scavenger hunt to be interesting and fun. I learned valuable lessons about working in a group, demonstrating assertiveness, and the activities really made me understand the need to look closely, and read thoroughly. I enjoyed going through everyone’s video footage and pictures afterwards in a large group, as you don’t really get to see all of the personality and creativity of your co-workers all the time. It definitely improved my relationship with a co-worker on my team as well.  I would recommend this activity to other organisations looking to explore team building in a fun way. - Polycultural.org

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