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Sponsors and Attendees - Activated

Custom mobile experiences give us the opportunity to leverage your sponsors, VIP groups or an entire audience.  A challenge based game can help facilitate moving people around, gathering amazing content, encouraging repeat visitors and much more.  There is no one size fits all solution so get in touch and we can discuss opportunities to help you achieve your goals.

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White Label VS. Social Scavenger

Your Very Own App

With Social Scavenger you have a unique opportunity to have your very own White Label version of our app.  This means your attendees are downloading your app, sponsors can be integrated right from visuals through to challenges.

Use Social Scavenger’s App

You may simply want to get going right away and brand inside our platform - no problem.  We can still integrate in logos and content challenges to make the game uniquely yours.

A few considerations that may help you decide White Label vs. Social Scavenger App


I need a fully branded app.  Period.
I will likely use this annually
I would like to have some custom features or integrations with other tech
I want to start using this today
Branding inside the game is good enough for me
I’m just experimenting with this technology and want to start slow

How it works

Build Amazing & Strategic Games

Together we’ll go through everything the game builder enables you to do and then set you free!  We can build your game with you, for you or simply guide you along to make sure you leverage the right features while keeping your game experience focussed.

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Build Amazing & Strategic Games

The heavy lifting is done in the game build so that players simply click on challenges and see what there is to do (and possibly where and when to do it)!  They’ll never need any technology other than simply downloading the app.

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Build Amazing & Strategic Games

The approvals area let’s you see all of the game happening in real-time and even award bonus points, take down content you don’t like, share content you love and easily access data for reporting.  Content and reports can be accessed after your event to further leverage the content your guests will have created for you.

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A few folks we’ve worked with

Event Engagement

Soap Boxes to Flugtags we engage with the ship builders who make it all happen

Multi City Product Launch

Weekly games that drive players to events to engage with products

Custom Private Games

Explore amazing festivals with your VIP or teams with custom games

Movie Festival Activations

Cross country patrons playing trivia and sticker games as they wait for the show

Multi City Product Launch

Weekly games across six cities driving customers and prospects to locations

More than Scavenger Hunts

Your games can go well beyond a traditional Scavenger Hunt. We have both watched and worked with our clients who have rolled out:

Amazing Races
30 minute countdown adventures
Pre Event Mystery Hunts
QR code checkins and answers

Product launches, awareness, content generation?  Those are just a few ways Social Scavenger works with PR firms.


More than the sum of the challenges, Scavenger Hunts bring out the best in your teams and make for amazing experiences.


Let’s not walk or run…let’s amazing race!  Driving both awareness and raise money through unique fundraising experiences.

Just a Few Key Benefits


Working from your goals into games

Unique Experiences

So many options will keep it unique over and over again

Mobile Fun

We know they are on their phones...let’s engage them

Custom Features

Microsites to social integrations, what is on your mind?

When it comes to this app, the sky is the limit! Social Scavenger was easy to use, versatile and full of great features, which resulted in an amazing end product.

Social Scavenger proved to be a great team building event. We heard great feedback about the game from our 100+ participants and look forward to using it again. Look no further for another scavenger hunt app, this is it!

Social Scavenger was a big hit at DevDays. It allowed individuals to be more engaged within our expo with vendors and allowed them to get excited about what they were learning and experiencing.

Social Scavenger is crackalackin good. It is the best scavenger hunt application we have ever used, its easy to use whether you are online or offline.

Our fans absolutely loved engaging with the ring and being part of the celebration with our Social Scavenger app integration! Not to mention our boom in downloads. Pure Awesome.

Our students had a blast learning about our campus and rich school history and traditions — all while playing a game!

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