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Common questions about the Social Scavenger platform.

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Social Scavenger now works with all devices. iPhone and Android phones and tablets, Mac and Windows laptops and desktops. If you bought your phone or tablet in the past 3 years and update your software once in a while you should be good to get started. Download our native iPhone App via the AppStore, or our native Android App via the Google Play store, or use the Web version via your browser.

No, all charges are paid by the game creator/maker. You pay to open the game to a certain number of teams. If you pay for 10 teams and the 11th team tries to join, they will get a message stating that the game cannot accept any more players.

You sure can. Our platform is built to run all kinds of challenge based games. The settings for both the game and the actual challenges give you a wide range of options to build different style adventures and games.

Best bet is to try our sample game and see for yourself! A simple example is you go to take a photo and a wig appears through your camera. You can move that wig and stick it on a friends head. When you take the photo - the result is your friend with a new hair style. You can be as creative, educational or historical with this option.

When you create a challenge, one of the options is “Sticker Photo”. Once selected it will prompt you to upload your AR Sticker. This should be a transparent .png on a canvas size 1290 x 1720. If you have a featured or commercial game we can help out.

Yes. Once you download a game, all of the challenges are loaded onto your phone. If you are then, for example, in the subway underground and lose connectivity you’ll still have access to the challenges. They will get submitted to the stream once you reconnect to wifi or your network provider and re-open the app. The game creator has the option to enable or disable unlocking while you're offline - if things aren't unlocking, it's probably because the game maker wants to verify your submissions!

Your game will have an unlock code. If you try to access the live stream it will prompt you for that code. So no, people won’t see your live stream unless they have access to your game.

You use the game builder to create your game. The game builder has help embedded within in, look for the question marks beside each element of the form.

A clone is a copy of a game. If you have a game you like and want to create a new game, using it as the starting point, you can clone it and then start editing the challenges and settings. Clones are very popular with those who run many different games on different dates and don't want to start from scratch each time.

A widget allows you to embed something in another site. Leaderboards and game streams are the most popular things people want to embed in their own site.

All content a team or player creates (photo, video) is saved to their camera roll. So they can share anytime now or in the future. We also have sharing inside the app via the built-in iOS and Android sharing functions or can build custom feeds to push to any web properties.

Yes, we partner with event companies across North America who can run everything from hotlines to hosts at your event.

We have lots of experience with contests and can help guide you through this process.

We have a DIY game builder, we sell games in-a-box, or we can sit you down with game building professionals to develop an amazing personalized program.

We can integrate brands and sponsors in the design, challenges, output and much more.

Outside of our standard reporting we can produce custom reports based on your exact needs.