Random Acts of Kindness

Want to give back while having fun? Our Random Acts of Kindness experience combines unforgettable team building games with an altruistic twist.

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Size: 4 - 10,000
Time: 60-90 minutes
Location: Anywhere
Cost: Starts at $40 pp.
When you need: Team BuildingSocial ResponsibilityStrategic ThinkingCompassionEmpathyAltruism
Our passion delivers: Turn Key EventsTeam BondingCommunity ExplorationExcitementLaughsMeeting New PeopleImpact

Groups are split into teams of 3-5 members that compete to see who can do the most good! We'll provide a series of challenges that will help you bond with your teammates while giving back to your community. We can customize the game to integrate seamlessly with your existing corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, creating team building experiences founded in kindness and compassion.

Random Acts of Kindness

A light-hearted competition that helps bring a smile to someone's face.

From 'paying it forward' to doing something generous for a teammate, teams will be tasked with a set of challenges encouraging them interact with each other and the public at large in ways they never normally would.

'Random' is the key phrase here – to complete each challenge, participants engage in novel ways with their teammates and strangers alike. From recording themselves telling their best joke to a man on the street, to leaving a fiver on a vending machine to treat the next customer, these challenges push team members out of their comfort zone to help spread goodwill in their communities.

The Experience

Teams have between 60 minutes to three hours to complete a number of challenges and need to work together to earn the most points to win the game. But it's not all about winning: given the charitable nature of each challenges, everyone who competes will have achieved something great.

The experience can be tailored to the specific needs of your company - from completely branding the app to creating challenges that reflect your corporate values or team building themes, we'll work with your business to create a Random Acts of Kindness game that reflects the goals of your organization.

We'll develop the game with you, create instructions and provide self-hosting training and support. As an add-on, we can also host the session for you, featuring kick-off and wrap-up presentations. For more customized games, you'll work directly with our game producer to create a tailored product for your business. We'll work with you on the review process as well to ensure you're trained on how to use the app and completely satisfied with the final product. Other add-ons include in-game tech support, award ceremonies, live judging, highlight reels, in-game video, etc.

The games can be run across multiple locations as well – perfect for businesses that have offices in different cities and want to create a program that is scalable across the organization.

While the challenges can be completed in almost any location worldwide, we can also help create localized challenges for specific cities, taking advantage of landmarks, local hotspots and attractions to create a more bespoke experience.

Team Challenges

Each team needs to work together to win challenges by showing kindness to each other or those in their community. So bring a smile to a man on the street by telling your best joke, or make your colleague's day by sending them a quick email to tell them what makes them so great.

Local Spots

It's hard to have a real impact when you're stuck inside a boardroom. We'll use landmarks, local hotspots and attractions in your city to create a fun team event that helps spread goodwill.

Community Smiles
The Bold & The Brave

For team members who are a bit shy, these challenges will help encourage them to step outside their comfort zones in new and fun ways. From sharing a secret talent to approaching locals in their community, these Random Acts of Kindness will bring out the adventurous spirit in every member of your team.

Our Random Acts of Kindness games are generally a lower intensity, slower paced race that focus on creativity and giving back. When judging each challenge, we tend to look at the quality of the end result for each challenge, vs the number of challenges completed. However, if you want to up the ante, we can customize the game to be more competitive by adding more time pressure, bonus points and team challenges.

However, while the pace might be slower, the challenges are anything but easy. These games challenge your creative abilities and are ideal for those who are outgoing and fearless, unafraid to chat up strangers on the street and go out of their way to bring joy to those around them. The framework is also a great opportunity for those team members who are a little more reserved to push themselves out of their comfort zone to help take risks they wouldn't normally take.

This experience is less about 'winning' and more about finding creative and simple ways to give back to the community From buying a lottery ticket for a stranger, to mastering a new dance routine, there are countless ways to bring a smile to someone's face.

Want to make it even more bespoke? Create custom videos featuring team leaders that remind members about the theme of the day and thank them for taking part in the challenges. Let the C-suite vote on the best original Random Acts of Kindness challenge and offer customized prizes for the winners (like a Friday off work or a team dinner).

CSR Initiatives
Supporting CSR Initiatives

Whether its supporting a local charity or a conference theme, our experiences can integrate seamlessly with your existing corporate social responsibility initiatives to help reinforce your values and bring your messaging to life.

Company Initiatives
Strategic Initiatives

These Random Acts of Kindness experiences can be scaled up and rolled out to other departments, offices and locations for your business. Maximize the value of your investment by making this a company-wide initiative.

The Benefits of Kindness

Witnessing acts of kindness produces oxytocin, occasionally referred to as the 'love hormone' which aids in lowering blood pressure and improving our overall heart-health. Oxytocin also increases our self-esteem and optimism, which is extra helpful when we're anxious or shy in a social situation. Source: The New York Times

Our Random Acts of Kindness challenges aren't just thrown together: they're backed by the latest team building research conducted by MIT. These teambuilding activities offer goal- and outcome-oriented games that are proven to help strengthen teams and create lasting bonds. These experiences help break down barriers (forget eating lunch alone at your desk) and create key connections between teammates.

These challenges help foster 'Aha!' moments – those critical experiences that bring teams together by doing something they wouldn't get a chance to do in a corporate environment. Whether it's being prompted to share a story or a unique talent or take on a fun or hilarious challenge, we'll help facilitate experiences that get people talking and create genuine, unforgettable moments for your team.

Have your own ideas for team challenges? That's great! We can work with you to ensure they'll integrate effectively with the app. And if you need help brainstorming ideas, we can share some of our most popular and successful challenges that you can modify to suit the needs of your organization.

Premium Addons

Live Scoring and Judges

We watch. We judge. We award bonus points based on creativity and effort. Oh... and we send teams funny messages based on what we see happening.

Highlight Reels

At your activity, the highlight reel is always a hand-crafted hit and goes very well with an award ceremony or as a fun memento.

Video Crew

Add a team of videographers to tail around your participants. The mix of videos from the players with those from the crew makes for a great experience.

Personalized Challenges

Every challenge can be personalized. Get executives to introduce challenges with a video, integrate vision and mission statements, and test on company or group trivia from the past.


You use a new innovative ticketing system and need it to work with us right? We can tie our platform to other systems.


Unlock our library of challenges from past successful implementations. Search the library by tag, tap a button and it is now part of your game.

Custom Stickers

Branded, personalized or themed stickers can be created for you. Get players interacting with and producing photos of themselves with your logo, mascot or otherwise special sticker.

Live Actor
Live Actors

Our cosplay style actors are placed at special locations for your teams to track down... and once they do? The actor or actress will let you know. Only once teams successfully complete their mission will they be sent on their way.


Enter your private game code and POOF - magic. Your game can be fully branded for a company, individual or theme. Full branding means not just a logo, but terms, icons, custom areas and more.

Live Station
Live Stations

Find our hosts at a series of stations and discover what challenge awaits your team.

Program Development

Engage our game makers to understand your objectives and then work backwards to build the perfect game for your audience.

Custom Reporting

Analytics on your mind? Beyond our standard reporting we can work to develop custom reports based on your goals and desired outcomes.

Custom Boxes

Everyone wants to know what's in the box... but why ruin the surprise? We are happy to customize boxes for large events and a variety of themes.

Why a Random Act of Kindness Game? Why Social Scavenger?

At Social Scavenger, we have over 10 years experience delivering fun, engaging and educational scavenger hunts. Most importantly, we know what challenges work – and which ones don't. Our app has been improved and refined over the years to offer the best possible user experience, and we work closely with our customers to deliver an experience that is customized specifically to their goals.

We provide human support throughout the whole process. We won't just slap a logo on our app and call it a day. We work directly with our clients to ensure the game is tailored to their needs, from ensuring the look, feel and comms match your existing programs, guaranteeing a seamless integration with our product.

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