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Companies across the world trust Social Scavenger to deliver exciting, fully hosted online games. Whether your team is at home, in-office or on a beach (lucky you), our unique and engaging games are ready to play.

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Why Choose Social Scavenger?

When you want a unique, exciting and just plain fun virtual team-building experience, call in the pros!

Our team designs virtual events with one purpose in mind - engaging your remote group in a fun and meaningful way (and getting a 5 star review). Our professional game producers, hosts and facilitators are ready...are you?

What To Expect

  • Professionally Hosted
  • 60 or 90 Minute Experiences
  • Leaderboards and Post-Game Highlights
  • Competitive Team Play & Group Time
  • Surprise Bonus Content and Wrap-Ups
  • Unforgettable Memories for the Whole Team

How Social Scavenger

Virtual Games Work

  • Step 1

    Choose Your Experience

    No matter which game you pick, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

    Need help deciding? Speak to a game producer.

  • Step 2

    Meet Your Producer

    From day-of customizations to tech organization, game producers help you with all your game-related needs.

  • Step 3

    Game Day

    Game day is the best day!  You don't just get to breathe a sigh of relief and pat yourself on the back for choosing a great game partner, but you get to PLAY as our team ensures all runs smoothly.  

Loved By Industry Leaders

  • “​​Fun and innovative team building experience!”

    - Netflix

  • “Love the detailed pop culture references”

    - Google

  • "The answers are sometimes right in front of you!"

    - Pepsico

  • "Great Scott was a real Blast from the past!"

    - PwC

Need Help Choosing Your Next Adventure?

  • Escape Style

    Ready to crack codes, discover forbidden secrets, and travel across the hilarious expanse of pop culture?

    Ideal for competitive groups that love to think on their feet and have a blast while doing it.

  • Scavenger Hunt Style

    Lace-up those virtual hiking shoes -- you’re gonna need every skill your team can muster!

    Perfect games for creating connections and learning about one another - through play.

  • Game Show Style

    Ever wonder what it would be like to star in your very own game show alongside your co-workers?

    Expect more than just trivia, too! Puzzles and surprise riddles keep your team thrilled ‘til the end.

Check Out Our Virtual Games List

Escape Style Games

  • Who Kidnapped The Boss?!

    Your boss is MIA and they're not on PTO… They've been kidnapped! It's time to solve the biggest mystery in office history. You've got 50 minutes to unlock the 5 suspect statements. Will you do it time? More importantly, will you earn more points than the other squads? Time to find out!

  • Great Scott!

    That pesky Biff stole the time travelling DeLorean and he’s on a quest to ruin pop culture as you know it. Enjoy this nostalgic take on the beloved classic, Back to the Future. Jump back to your favorite decades and crack the codes, submit photos and videos to stop Biff in his tracks.

  • The Big Escape

    Ready to pull off the biggest heist in history? Your team has scoped out the casino and its kingpin, Big Al. Next, teams must work with casino characters to solve puzzles and compete for the top spot on the leaderboard. Only one team can get away with the loot, will it be yours?

  • Where in the World is the Crystal Snow Globe?

    The Snow Globe, and all it's mysterious powers - has gone missing. Travel around the world (virtually) to track down 5 missing operatives in order to save the day. But which team will come out on top? And who will take the funniest photos?

Scavenger Hunt Style Games

  • Scavenger Hunt From Home

    Transform everyone's home office into a fun and interconnected scavenger hunt! Share hidden talents, reveal secret hobbies, and snap pictures of books, pets, and other things to win the game. Laugh & learn as you race against the clock, think on your feet, and connect over shared moments.

  • Summer Olympics

    The Olympics have arrived and it’s up to your team to bring home the gold! Take everyone’s favorite international athletic showdown to the next level — all without breaking a sweat. Compete in a series of virtual challenges and laugh as you work together as a team.

  • Winter Olympics

    Put together a skating routine that wows some of the toughest judges in virtual Winter Olympic history! No skates necessary, just teamwork and imagination as you go from beginners to fake-skating experts in less than an hour. Who will win? Find out during the epic closing ceremonies!

Game Show Style Games

  • Team Trivia

    You’ve never played team trivia like this, we guarantee it! Compete in 3 epic rounds of classic game show fun. Tackle brain teasers, wacky puzzles, and tricky questions. Bonus rounds, host surprises, photo answer rounds, and peeks at the leaderboards stoke competition and help teams connect.

  • Battle Trivia

    Ramp up the competition, it’s game time! This hosted trivia experience gives everyone a chance to play in the same room, no matter how big! Expect plenty of unique trivia questions and unique surprises that keep hands on the buzzers and eyes glued to the screen.

  • The Feud

    A classic game, refreshed and reinvented. Jump into a zoom call you’ll never forget and get your game face on. The time is ticking down, ready to find out which team will come out on top?

FAQs for Virtual Games

  • Do we play in teams? If so, how big are the teams?

    Yes. Almost all of our games are designed to be played in breakout rooms as a team. This gives you the opportunity to connect with a smaller group while we connect the larger group with our fun wrap ups. Depending on the size of your group, teams can range from 4 to 9 people per team.

  • Do you have more than 1 host?

    Yes. Our games are staffed based on your group size, at minimum there is always 1 professional host and 1 zoom lead, however most games feature extra facilitators to answer any questions, run bonus challenges, etc.

  • How long are the games?

     Our events are 60 or 90 minutes long, but we save time for wrap ups to connect everyone, so it’s not game play the entire time. We do have 30 minute and 2+ hour programs - just ask!

  • Can we customize our game?

    We can brand any event and many of our games feature customization opportunities to get challenges about your team into the game. Who Kidnapped YOUR Boss being the most prominent example.

  • Do we have to use Zoom?

    We typically host games on Zoom, but we can host you on most of the main platforms (i.e. Teams, Google, etc.).

  • Do we have to download an App?

    No. The Social Scavenger platform is available on mobile web / desktop - so most virtual games just use a link. Plus only one person for each team signs in as the ‘Tech Captain’.

  • Did I just read ‘Tech Captain’ - sounds hard!

    No, it’s really not. We’ll have one person per team be our 'Tech Captain' to log into your private game. We just call it that so the most senior (and sometimes least tech savvy) folks don’t all volunteer to be captains.

  • How much work is this for me (the organizer) and can event organizers play?

    Your dedicated game producer will guide you seamlessly through anything we need for your event. If you are customizing the game - it’s a bit more work, but always worth it. Our team makes this process very streamlined with easy samples, templates and yes - phone calls 🙂

    Yes - 100% you can play! Our hosts and facilitators take care of everything on game day so you are free to join the game as a player and have just as much fun as the team!

  • What are media challenges?

     Our origins are in photo and video based challenge games so we’ve found some really fun ways to bring ‘media’ into the game. Media challenges are presented back to the group as a great way to experience what other teams did. However, you may opt out of media challenges in your game.

  • What about prizes?

    95% of teams do not give away anything other than bragging rights! Depending on the game you choose, they can get competitive so winning will be enough of a prize. If you really want to give away prizes, talk to your game producer and we’ll work it into the script and award show.

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