Challenge Bingo

An innovative team event and a lasting team game (that isn’t exactly Bingo)

Unleash the fun with an assortment of eclectic Bingo challenges that are released over time. That means there's no need to synchronize calendars for a two-hour event. This game remains open until the set end date, normally weekly challenges for 1 month, making it a perfect fit for various work schedules and setups (remote, hybrid, in-office).


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Team building fun

How it works

The Game is Ongoing

With Challenge Bingo, each challenge brings a new twist! Be it photos and videos, intriguing trivia, captivating puzzles, engaging opinion questions, or our unique offerings like AI and sticker challenges - we've got an eclectic mix to keep the excitement ongoing.

Individual players can also be grouped into teams (optional)! While we honor individual winners and gameplay, this setup encourages collective success and encourages players to give any idle teammates a friendly nudge! This is an optional upgrade and we won’t reveal Group Winners until the game is closed!

Once you’ve completed the game, you'll have a final challenge to figure out! Most of our Challenge Bingo games come with one final surprise for those who complete the game - the final challenge.
  • 16challenges
  • 1+month to
  • 1

    epic monthly

    wrap-up video

  • ways to connect

    and have fun

How to Play

Participants access your private game space on our app, unveiling a set of custom challenges released over time. Players open available challenges and submit everything using the app as time allows. A round of Challenge Bingo ideally lasts 1 month. For extended rounds >4 weeks we recommend initiating a second game.

Everyone can play! The challenges are flexible, and designed to be conquered at your own pace and leisure. They include a diverse range - from fun activities to complete at home, light-hearted exercises for your 'office' hours, to engaging tasks to do with a colleague either over Zoom/Teams or in person.
  • Join your private game space on the Social Scavenger app (1 app per person)
  • Open available challenges and submit everything using the app within a limited time
  • When the clock starts ticking - the challenge is on, let’s play!
  • Climb the leaderboard by earning points through completed challenges. The twist? There are bonus points up for grabs!
  • Teams are allowed to collaborate on puzzles and share hints— we see it not as 'cheating,' but rather as promoting good teamwork!
  • As players complete challenges and earn points they’ll also unlock some progress badges.

Curious about the challenges?

Crafted around various themes like DEI, Connections, Fun and more. Here are a couple of quick examples to give you a taste of what to expect:
  • Connections

    Challenge Type: Video (200 points)

    "What's My Job?" - Ask a family member, roommate, or neighbor to describe what they think you do for a living in 20 seconds or less. Whether it's the adorable ramblings of a child or the humorous guesses of a neighbor, we can’t wait to see the variety of responses! Remember, the goal is not accuracy but authenticity.
  • Fun/Any

    Challenge Type: Photo (150 points)

    “Same Here!”: Capture a fun moment with a co-worker, both showcasing a shared favorite item or interest. It could be a selfie with your pets during a virtual meeting, a snapshot with your preferred office snack, or any shared interest that brings you together. Get creative—celebrate your commonalities with no boundaries!
  • Diversity

    Challenge Type: Photo (100 points)

    Snapshot of Diversity: Capture a photo that represents diversity to you. It could be anything - from various types of plants in a garden, which show diversity in nature, to a snapshot of a multicultural bookshelf or a diverse meal, which represents different cultures or cuisines. The idea is to visually express that diversity means 'variety' and 'inclusivity'."
  • AI Challenges

    Challenge Type: AI (50 points)

    Right now, we are using it to challenge players to come up with amazing art. The challenge on the right simply asks them to describe something whimsical they wish they could see when looking out their office window (a fun example). They just type in the description and AI does the rest! We’ll work with you on a fun AI challenge for your group.

What You Can Do With The App

Our app is not merely a supportive tool—it's a critical part of your team's adventure. Available on iOS and Android, it can also be accessed through a browser on both mobile and desktop devices i.e. no download.

  • Complete Challenges
    Tap into an array of challenges you can complete for points.
  • Keep An Eye On The Competition
    Climb the leaderboard by earning points through completed challenges and keep an eye on the competition.
  • Engage With Your Colleagues
    'like' your colleagues' submissions through our live feed
  • Watch The Competition
    Engage in the vibrant live stream—anytime, anywhere
  • Show Off Your Progress

    Unlock some progress badges by completing challenges and earning points

Premium Add-ons

Our team will make your event a hit on almost any budget. From out-of-the-box self-serve games through to our fully personalized white glove service, we have an offering for everyone. Ask us about our Premium Add-ons which include: 

  • Group Dynamics

    Individual players can be grouped into teams! This setup encourages collective success and encourages players to give any idle teammates a friendly nudge.

  • Custom Reporting

    Analytics on your mind? Beyond our standard reporting we can work to develop custom reports based on your goals and desired outcomes.

  • Custom Challenges

    Have challenges on your mind? Beyond our challenges, we can also customize the challenges to suit your team and goals.

Epic Video Wrap-up

So, what transpires as the game winds down? To keep the final stretch exciting, we suggest shutting off the leaderboard towards the game's end. The revelation of winners can be done according to your preferred style - a simple leaderboard reveal on Slack/Teams, an engaging custom presentation, or even a meticulously crafted 'Best of Challenge' winner's video!

You always have access to all content submitted via your game and a slideshow is ready to go at the click of a button.

  • Standard
    starting at
    Get access to a slideshow and the freedom to export all your content, capturing the collective experience.
    • Dedicated game producer
    • Private app game space
    • Live leaderboard
    • Real-time stream
    • In-game chat
    • Post-game slideshow
    • Post-game content export
    • Access to a la carte upgrades
  • Premier
    starting at
    Along with standard features, enjoy a custom game highlight reel video. It encapsulates the best shared moments, amplifying the joy and camaraderie.
    • A dedicated team to monitor challenges
    • A custom wrap-up video
    • A custom wrap-up winners' presentation
    • Weekly bonus points for creativity
    • Custom messaging to teams
    • Up to 3 custom challenges (included)
    • Access to ‘Groups’
  • Gold
    starting at
    Experience all the Premier benefits, with added flair. Revel in more celebratory exclusives, like a custom winners' presentation deck and 3 'Best of Challenge' winner videos. More victories, more shared excitement, more memories made.
    • Custom wrap-up video
    • More winners with weekly awards
    • More media with weekly videos
    • Multi-month game tie-ins
    • Custom reporting
    • Up to 8 custom challenges
    • Flexible game periods
    • Branded game space


  • Does the game have to be a month-long?

    No it does not. Your game can be extended to 6 weeks or shortened, however, if you wish to have a longer game we’ll recommend simply adding round 2 (i.e. a second game later).

  • Are we limited to 16 challenges/4 challenges a week?

    Not strictly no. In our premier and gold packages your custom challenges can ‘add on’ to the total or we can replace them.

  • Can Challenge Bingo be played in person, hybrid, or virtual?

    Yes! This game is designed to be played when people have a minute. For ‘group’ challenges that means you can do one around the coffee machine or over a Teams call. As a result, this game can be played in all work setups.

  • Can we provide our own challenges?

    Yes. Premier and gold game packs include customization, let’s discuss what you have in mind (we also have ideas).

  • Do we get our own private game space?

    Yes, your game space is only for your group.

  • Do we need to download an app?

    No, we also have a web-based solution. However, the most common approach is to use the iOS or Android app; this is not required.

  • Do you do various themes around different months?

    Yes, we have different themes, they aren’t always based around months, you may want a DEI-themed game at any time, though you’ll want the Advent Countdown holiday game - around the holidays.

  • “This game was so much fun! Not only did I have a great time, I bonded with my coworkers who I didn't know that well and it brought us all out of our shells.”

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