White Label


Our platform, completely delivered under your brand.


A White Label provides you with a proven mobile solution in a fraction of the time and cost of building your own. Our clients can focus their efforts on a successful activation and leave the technical details to us.


Social Scavenger has been used by thousands of brands over the almost ten years we've been offering our platform and services.

Software and Service

When you white label our platform, we handle everything - servers, scaling, app submissions, reviews with the app stores, security, backups and bug fixes. Your audience may not know we're behind you, but you will.

  • The White Label Process

    Once we understand your goals and ensure our solution is a great fit, we will work through our streamlined app building process that involves design, content creation, and the development of your Apps and back-end game system.

  • What's Included

    More than just new friends you’ll get:

    • App for iOS, Android and Web
    • Game builder and content manager
    • Analytics and real-time data
    • Support and training
    • Access to upgrades and new features
  • Create Your Game

    The game builder is where we build amazing games, creating a series of challenges and strategizing on the most fun and impactful game we can deliver. We will have access to all 6 challenge types, along with GPS and other features we can implement in your game.

  • Managing Games & Content

    The game builder is also where we can see live game action unfold, manage game content, export photos and videos and much more. You will receive full training and support on using your back-end system or we can do it for you. In most cases our clients want to focus their attention where it makes the most sense and leave the rest to us, but it’s up to you.

  • The App Experience

    We will challenge your target audience to fun and engaging games. They will simply download your App and sign in. After they are in your game, the rest is self explanatory as they read through and complete challenges, fill up the live stream with content, earn points on the leaderboard and potentially earn badges.

  • Customizations

    Yes, we build custom features and integrations. First we work with our clients to understand what you are trying to achieve and then we’ll figure out if custom development is required. This ranges from integrating with systems, creating new challenges types, building custom live game streams and whatever else you might need. Additional fees apply.

Past White Labels


Looking for a powerful team building App?


Professional team building companies and employers work to motivate, train and reward employees - and we at Social Scavenger can help you achieve these goals! Take a look at some of our past white labels to see for yourself.

  • NASA - Conventions & Events

    From an Air Show to a Star Trek convention, NASA has many different types of audiences, challenges and players. The app has been set up so that NASA can run one game at a particular event or a series of events for different types of players - from kids to the Spockiest of visitors.

Why White Label?

Brands and agencies looking to activate campaigns and contests that are unique, engaging and drive home their program goals use the Social Scavenger platform to create fully branded experiences.

Driving attendee engagement and actions at your event is one way we help planners achieve their goals and create amazing experiences. We work back from your objectives, audience, timing and then leverage our experience to help roll out a program that flows with your event. Ranging from a companion game that encourages actions over the course of several days to a breakout event or contest, we work within the constraints of your schedule, resources and audience to get the job done.


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