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Engage fans to tell your story with fully branded mobile adventures from Scavenger Hunts to Amazing Races.

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Who is using Social Scavenger?

  • Brands & Agencies

    Activate your campaign and drive home brand goals with the power of a fully branded and unique customer mobile experience.

  • Conferences & Meetings

    Drive attendee engagement during your conference with a new age passport or run amazing breakout networking sessions. Gamify your goals.

  • Events & Festivals

    Adding a game element to your next event or festival will move people around and facilitate fun interactions and amazing content.

  • Employees & HR

    Motivate, educate or just inspire employees. All our corporate games help to create deeper connections and build a winning atmosphere through fun!

  • Team Building Professionals

    Professionals using Social Scavenger spend time focussing on great experiences and not worrying about maintaining technology.

  • Educational Institutions

    Orientation is easy and fun when you built both practical discovery and fun into your experience reaching students on mobile.

How are people using Social Scavenger?

  • Public Relations

    Product launches, awareness, content generation? Those are just a few ways Social Scavenger works with PR firms.

  • Team Building

    More than the sum of the challenges, Scavenger Hunts bring out the best in your teams and make for amazing experiences.

  • Internal Education

    We partner with companies who want to take their internal learning and education to the next making it fun and memorable.

  • Fundraising

    Let’s not walk or run…let’s amazing race! Driving both awareness and raise money through unique fundraising experiences.

  • Gamification

    You have a goal. We have a way of making it fun. By combining the right game mechanics we can help you achieve on mobile.

  • Fun Activities

    We can create much more than a Scavenger Hunt with a fully flexible platform fun activities come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Orientation

    Using GPS and other platform features we can build orientation programs that help you onboard new hires, students and more.

  • Personal Events

    Car rallies, birthdays, unique events, you build amazingly creative games that are perfect for the audience you know best.

  • Entrepreneurs

    We love hearing from new companies with unique ideas. Let us know what you have in mind!

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The Experience
  • 1. Buy or Build Awesome Games

    GPS Challenges. Stickers. Videos. Riddles. Photos. QR Codes. Beacons and more! We let you build the perfect custom game no matter what your goals are. But hey, if you'd rather not build your own just ask us to create an amazing adventure for you!

    How to Buy or Build Games
  • 2. Manage Your Games or Have Us Do It

    A system built for professionals is suitable for everyone from a large brand with many administrators right down to somebody running a unique event for friends. Dynamic tools give you access to submitted content, granting bonus points, statistics, push messages and more.

    Tour the Management Tool
  • 3. Amazing Content

    Your game will be amazing but please don’t let all of those awesome photo, sticker and video moments go to waste! Create instagram stories, augment social media campaigns or just create beautiful slideshows as a great reward and promotional tool. Do you believe in magic?

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  • 4. Simple Game Play

    Life is always simple for players. We want them focused on being amazing and creative, or on winning. That’s why no matter how many cool features you might mix and match to make the perfect game it will always be very simple for players to use the app.

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3 Ways to Execute

  • Your own App

    A white label or embedded app
    1. Published to the stores as you
    2. A new app or inside your existing app
    3. Software updates
    4. Ability to resell
    5. Let us power your business
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  • Social Scavenger App and Branding

    Play on our existing app
    1. Instant download and play
    2. Lowest cost, free to try
    3. Self serve, Hassle free
    4. Android, iOS or Web App
    5. Beautiful design
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  • Our App with your Branding

    Play on our app but with your branding
    1. Your colors, terminology and iconography
    2. Self serve or assisted
    3. Fast turnaround
    4. Branding on a budget
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When it comes to this app, the sky is the limit! Social Scavenger was easy to use, versatile and full of great features, which resulted in an amazing end product.

Social Scavenger proved to be a great team building event. We heard great feedback about the game from our 100+ participants and look forward to using it again. Look no further for another scavenger hunt app, this is it!

Social Scavenger was a big hit at DevDays. It allowed individuals to be more engaged within our expo with vendors and allowed them to get excited about what they were learning and experiencing.

Social Scavenger is crackalackin good. It is the best scavenger hunt application we have ever used, its easy to use whether you are online or offline.

Our fans absolutely loved engaging with the ring and being part of the celebration with our Social Scavenger app integration! Not to mention our boom in downloads. Pure Awesome.

Our students had a blast learning about our campus and rich school history and traditions — all while playing a game!