Curated's Mission Bay Challenge

Uniting Teams in an Urban Adventure

At Curated, experts and consumers converge to create a unique shopping experience. The company prides itself on bridging gaps, a philosophy extending beyond customer interactions to its own team dynamics. With a workforce spread across various locations, Curated's primary objective was to orchestrate an annual event that not only brought its team together but also embodied the essence of its vibrant, diverse culture.


The Challenge: Cultivating Cohesion in a Dispersed Team

Fostering Togetherness Amidst Diversity: The crux of Curated's challenge lay in designing an event in Mission Bay, San Francisco, that would resonate with their unique office ethos and encourage interaction among employees often separated by geography. The goal was not just to gather the team but to create an environment of unity, camaraderie, and shared experiences, reflecting and reinforcing the curated culture.

The Solution: A Custom-Designed Amazing Race by Social Scavenger

Social Scavenger, known for its innovative approach to team-building, curated an Amazing Race-style event, tailor-made for Curated’s distinctive needs. This wasn't just a race; it was a journey through the heart of Curated's culture and values, thoughtfully designed to align with their budget and the urban canvas of Mission Bay.

Detailed Implementation: An Odyssey of Engagement and Discovery

Integration of Curated's Identity

Teams embarked on a quest, each armed with items emblematic of Curated's product expertise. From golf clubs to camping gear, these items weren't mere props; they were symbols of the company's core business, woven into the fabric of every challenge.

The Viral Wednesdays Challenge

A standout activity was the "Viral Wednesdays" dance. Teams collaborated with a professional choreographer to master a TikTok dance, infusing creativity by incorporating their assigned items into the performance. This challenge was a microcosm of Curated's ethos - blending fun with functionality, individual talent with team synergy.

Mystery Box Consensus Building

At another route marker, teams faced a series of mystery boxes. Here, the emphasis shifted to collective decision-making and trust, as they navigated through this sensory challenge, embodying the collaborative spirit Curated values.

Local Landmarks as Backdrops

The iconic silver basketball at Chase Center wasn't just a checkpoint; it became a stage for storytelling and creativity, connecting the Curated team with the vibrant spirit of San Francisco.

Post-event, the ripples of the experience were felt throughout the company. Conversations sparked during the event continued, strengthening bonds and creating a shared repository of fond memories.

Participant Experience:

A Tapestry of New Connections

  • Diverse Team Dynamics

    With teams meticulously mixed across departments, every participant was both a learner and a contributor. These group dynamics fostered new, deeper connections, breaking down silos inherent in remote working environments.

  • Real-Time Engagement

    Social Scavenger’s live scoring system added an element of excitement and immediacy, spurring teams to outdo themselves in creativity and collaboration.

Results and Feedback:

A Resounding Success

  • The event Social Scavenger put on for us was Amazing!!!! The whole company loved the event. Everything was tailored perfectly for us. From start to finish, the entire process was extremely smooth. Everyone we worked with was professional, informative, detailed, and easy to work with. Highly recommend!!

  • High Satisfaction

    Averaging a 9.5/10 in post-event surveys, the event was a testament to its alignment with Curated's goals.

  • Memorable Moments

    The culmination of the event at the awards ceremony wasn't just a celebration of winners but a collective reflection of joyous moments and achievements.

A Blueprint for Team Unity

Curated's Mission Bay Adventure, crafted by Social Scavenger, serves as a compelling case study in transforming a simple team-building exercise into an enduring symbol of company culture and unity. It exemplifies how a well-conceived event can bridge the physical distances in a remote working setup, turning them into opportunities for building stronger, more connected teams.

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