The Feud

The Classic Head to Head Virtual Team Game Show

Name something better than a Zoom meeting?!  Going head to head against co-workers in this all-time classic game!  The Feud is best played in smaller groups - always against the clock!  Ask about custom questions.



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Competitive teams

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How it works

The Game

If you've seen the hit TV Show - you know how this game works! Your team will join our virtual call and we'll take it from there in this all time classic 'trivia' style game! Each team (of 4-6) will get a chance to clear the board and if they can't... watch their competition try to steal those points! The game comes with all the sound effects you know and love, fast money rounds and a chance for everyone to shine! A hilarious event your team won't soon forget.

  • 5

    rounds of

    classic Feud fun

  • 10


    buzzer sounds

  • 1


    game show host

  • ways to connect

    and have fun


How to Play

On game day, our MC welcomes your group and walks them through the rules of the game and instructions. The Feud is best played in smaller groups (6-16) - but if you want to take it company wide, may we suggest using our survey tool to ask "100 people from YOUR COMPANY" the answer to some hilarious questions. Now we can offer the game company wide or have teams show up for their 'time slot' to compete for the most points!

  • Join on your virtual platform of choice and meet with your MC

  • We explain the rules before splitting you up into teams

  • Work together to uncover all the answers

  • Balance speed and creativity gain the most amount of points possible!

  • We announce the winner’s in an epic wrap-up

End Game Highlights

When the time runs out, the experience is far from over! We’ll go through the winners and announce any prizes. You are welcome to address the group in a parting message. Oh, and we'll be taking a team photo for your souvenir poster too!

  • Bonus speed rounds

  • The winners are revealed

  • Team photo for souvenir poster

  • Time for a parting message

Customize Your Game

Customizing your game adds a level of personalization, fun and connection that you don’t get with most virtual events. Customizations for games may include:

  • Game Experience

    Custom challenges can involve your mission, values, vision and more.

  • Custom Game Logo

    Integrating your existing theme into the event.

  • Gameplay Visuals

    Custom branding right inside your game.

  • Post Game TV Show

    Why not let us film it and turn it into a show we can share with your company, to kick off a meeting or even get people betting on which teams will win!

  • Souvenir Poster

    Take home a printable poster with top highlights and laughs from the experience.


  • Can the questions be customized?

    Absolutely. We'll send out a survey to your entire group!

  • Are the questions appropriate for work!?

    Questions are all SFW (Safe for Work). We don't have any 'we asked 100 married men' type of questions - unless you want them.

  • How long is this event?

    Depends on your group size, but typically anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes. Have lots of teams? We'll make it a bit longer to ensure everyone gets a real chance to play. Let's talk!

  • How much work is it for me (the one booking this) and can event organizers play?

    Very little and 100% you can play! You'll have a meeting with your game producer and work out the details. We can integrate guest hosts, custom videos and a lot more - or just show up and have fun!

    Our hosts and facilitators take care of everything on game day so you are free to join the game as a player and have just as much fun as the team.

  • “I've always wanted to know what it's like to be a part of a game show without the pressure of being on stage. I had a lot of fun and would love to play again!”

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