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Experiences for Your Customers

Our diverse library of games is ready to use, any time you need them. So whether you want to resell or license an experience, we’re here to help. 

Why Partner With Social Scavenger?

Your customers want fun and engaging experiences, no matter where they are. As a Social Scavenger partner, you have the option to license and run games with your own teams or have our experts run the entire event. We have in-person, virtual and hybrid games built for team events, conferences, reward trips and more.

Run More

Incredible Games

Ideal for: Events Companies

Do you have an events team and simply require more great offerings? Our licensing programs get you access to in-person, virtual and hybrid games for all major corporate occasions.

  • Games for all occasions that can be customized for a variety of purposes and time frames, from 90-minute competitive tournaments to multi-week engagements.

  • Resources to help execute games smoothly, such as scripts, video intros, game assets and more.

  • Pro tools for game day that allow you to offer a variety of premium options to your clients.

  • Services teams that can fill in any gaps in your team or help bolster your offering including live game day services.


Sell Games That

We Run 

Ideal for: Brokers & Referrals 

Looking to add to your arsenal of amazing offerings but don’t really want to learn how to run games? Partner with us! Our referral program gives you access to: 

  • Promotional and sales materials to help easily sell events

  • Confidence that our hosted events rate 4.7 or higher. If they fall below 4.5, we stop running them!

  • Extra income because you have a list of clients who want awesome things, but you aren’t looking to learn how to run a game.

  • Fresh offerings so you have a game for every occasion. We frequently launch new themed games to ensure repeat business.

Who We

Work With

We’ve worked with just about every industry, so whatever tastes your clients have, we’re here to help. Our team is constantly evolving to capture trends, technology, and most importantly, fun.

  • Team Building Companies

  • Concierge Companies

  • Event Planners & Organizations

  • Independant Operators

  • Resorts & Destinations

  • Anyone Looking to Offer

    Great Experiences

  • Procurement

Check Out Our Hot Games

Curious to know the types of games you can license or resell? Our pre-made experiences are ready for you to start using today. If you need an awesome custom team experience, just let us know.

Ready To Talk Numbers?

Our experts are ready to chat about reselling costs and licensing fees. So contact us today and tell us how we can help you.