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Viva Las Vegas with FUN Team Building Games

An Ocean's 11 style heist? A Back to the Future pop culture adventure? A chaotic Amazing City Race? If your team is ready for a competitive Vegas group experience that will leave them wishing they hung out more - this might be for you!

You’ll only tackle one ‘game zone’ per event - so groups of all shapes and sizes can fit into one of our very walkable team building experiences.  Let's play.

Group Sizes 10 - 5,000

"You delivered a hit game as promised - our video might have to stay in Vegas ;) Too funny! Thanks again." - ByteDance

3 of Our Featured Las Vegas
Team Building Adventures

Who Kidnapped
YOUR Boss?


The game where YOUR team is in the story! That's right, YOUR boss has been kidnapped and it's an inside job!  We'll turn 5 of your people into suspects (no acting required and yes, they still get to play) in this hilarious city adventure. Teams will submit chilling videos, spy like photos and solve puzzles and riddles (some about your team) to see if anyone can crack the case before time runs out!

Ultimate City
Hunt: Las Vegas


You'll never have enough time to complete every challenge - but that's okay, nobody will! Each team will pick it's own path as they decide which of the 15 GPS stops to hit and where to complete any of the other 30 photo, video, and sticker challenges. Think that's all? It never is. Get ready for competitive chaos!  Already played but loved it so much you are back?  Ask about UCH 2!

Great Scott - Vegas Style


1.21 Gigawatts of fun awaits your group in this nostalgia filled adventure! Biff has stolen the DeLorean and is wreaking havoc on pop culture! Teams will travel to various hotspots to unlock the decades (80s,90s,00s,10s,2030s) where you'll decode themed puzzles and complete pop culture-saving video recreations - how's your Moonwalk? An escape-style city game like never before! Buckle up - we're gonna hit 88 mph of fun!

Where in Las Vegas Do We Play?

Check out our most played games zones in Las Vegas

Popular Game Zones
  • The Strip (North)
  • The Strip (South)
  • Fremont/Downtown
  • Arts District
  • Conference Center
  • Custom & Indoors
Custom Games Zones for Las Vegas
We have built team events all across Las Vegas, so if you don’t see it in the list start by asking. Next up, if it’s really unique, we can build you a custom game zone in or around any area of Vegas by adjusting existing zones or just starting from scratch.

Often people want to start/end at a specific location and we’ll do what we can to make your dream come true.

Celebrities in your game? Sure - Taylor Swift can make an appearance if you really want to star-stud your game - but we’ll probably do it with a sticker.

Trusted City Wide -
Las Vegas' Finest Corporate Team Events

“We wanted to say thank you for putting on an amazing city hunt for our conference. The feedback I hear from folks has been awesome! You guys were great thanks again for providing the best way for our attendees to see the city, network and have fun! ”

Sheila F, Event Director, EAMC

Frictionless, Simple & Guaranteed Fun

Step 1 - Choose your Adventure

Select the game you'd like to play and the game zone. If you want help choosing the best game for your group just hop on a call with one of our game producers and figure out which game is the best fit. 

Step 2 - Select Your Game Tier 

We offer 3 game tiers to choose from that accommodate varying budgets and needs. While the Premier tier is the most popular (it includes live judges awarding creativity bonus points, messaging teams and a post-event custom video), fun is had in every tier! Let's talk about budget and needs and determine makes sense for you.

Step 3 - Play Time!

Our games will bring out joy and create amazing moments and connection points. All games are competitive, cooperative, and guaranteed to get you - rave reviews! Games are typically 2 hours long and are powered by our award-winning app (that only 1 member per team needs to download).  

Level Up the Fun

When you level up to Premier or higher tiers your game is fully managed in real-time by our in-house game production team. Here at mission control we'll award creativity points for photos and videos, send out fun messages to the teams and put together a game wrap-up presentation that will captivate.

A variety of upgrades are available from custom challenges to mega award packs (where we come up with a lot of winners for a lot of things). If you don’t need our team on game day and want to keep it simple, not a problem, your event will still be a hit with your team.


Why our Las Vegas Events Are Amazing Team Building Activities

Our in-person team events in Las Vegas are expertly crafted to enhance connection within your group as you collaborate to tackle unique challenges and have an incredible time. These experiences are designed to elevate morale, provoke communication and laughter with amusing photo and video tasks, and reignite the competitive spirit that may have dimmed during remote work periods. Join us for an unforgettable journey of teamwork and fun in the heart of Vegas!

Our Technology

Games are custom built to run in our proprietary platform. Only one team member needs to use the app to join your private game, which is available on iOS, Android and Mobile Web. Your app can include:

  • Leaderboard with real-time updates
  • Live Streams so you can spy on your competitors
  • Highlight reel souvenir videos for each team
  • Live chat
  • Maps, GPS unlocks, hints, stickers etc.

Key Event Facts

Fully Managed or Self Play
Team Sizes: 4-8. Group Size: Any.
Duration: 2 hours (typically)
Walking: Just enough
Customizable: Yes (location, theme, values etc)


  • What are the Physical Requirements and How Long are the Games?

    Our city games are played on foot so you can expect a casual walking pace for up to 2 hours with lots of stops to do challenges and explore the area.

    If you want a more ‘fast paced’ game please let us know and we’ll turn up the heat. Alternatively, we also have 60 and 90 minute versions available.

  • Can We Customize the Experience?

    Yes we can!  Personalized challenges about your values, custom locations, learning objectives - you name it.  Talk to a game producer today.

  • Are We All Walking Around Together?

    No. Our games are designed to scatter teams across the playing field and large groups can be assigned a variety of starting points.

  • Are the Start / Stop Locations Provided or Custom?

    Both. We have a game ‘zone’ for you to play in with recommended stop / starts, but can accommodate custom start / stop locations in most cases. We can also customize any of our games to specific locations, but normally that’s not required.

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