Your Campus is our Gameboard!

Engage students for campus orientation and discovery!

We are your partner in creating epic game experiences for students, from first-year orientation to international student programs and even post-grad MBA/Masters students looking to connect and your school while on campus. With cutting-edge technology and our expertise, we transform your campus into a dynamic and personalized gameboard, igniting the spirit of adventure, teamwork, and connection.

Your students have smartphones and we have ways to map out your campus. Let them discover the city, bond with other students, and enjoy amazing experiences. We also work with educators creating programs for students of all ages in class. Discovery games can be created with goals ranging as far as your creativity can take you.

The Experience & Execution

The Social Scavenger platform excels at campus orientation for all schools. Easily roll out a game on our platform with our branding, inject your branding into our apps, or create your own apps that completely hide the Social Scavenger brand.

  • Build, Buy or Both

    Together we’ll go through everything the game builder enables you to do and then set you free! We can build your game with you, for you, or simply guide you along to make sure you leverage the right features while keeping your game experience focussed.

  • Supporting Services

    The heavy lifting is done in the game build so that players simply click on challenges and see what there is to do, and possibly where and when to do it. They'll never need any technology other than simply downloading the App. During the festival, engage our team to provide additional services such as moderation, judging, messaging, and summarizing game play.

  • The Live Event

    The monitor area lets you see all of the game happening in real-time and even award bonus points, take down content you don’t like, share content you love and easily access data for reporting. Content and reports can be accessed after your event to further leverage the content your guests will have created for you.

Games Customized to Your Campus, Traditions & Goals

  • Who Kidnapped Your Mascot?

    Your school mascot has been kidnapped - and you’ve only got two hours to return them to safety! Working in case squads, teams travel around campus, unlocking the suspects, solving riddles, puzzles, and multimedia challenges to unlock clues about the top suspects. Can you crack the case before time runs out? A customized orientation game - about you!
  • The Ultimate Campus Hunt!

    The modern classic - teams will never have enough time to complete every challenge - and that's the point! Each team will choose their own adventure while still hitting all the key location stops and taking hilarious team photos and videos, figuring out school trivia and so much more! The Ultimate Campus Hunt is ALWAYS a hit.
  • Completely Custom Programs

    Embrace our game design expertise and your innovative vision. We specialize in crafting games that strengthen bonds, customized to reflect your university's traditions and aims. This game will not only be a unique orientation experience but also a timeless tradition. Together, we'll create a legacy - a game to revisit year after year.

Frictionless, Simple & Guaranteed Fun

No one does campus games and events like Social Scavenger. Our process is frictionless, simple, and guaranteed fun!

Why Run Your Program with Social Scavenger?

We work with schools to understand your resources and goals for the program. If you have a group of 800 students, we get it - teams of 5 aren't going to work out! If you have 100 volunteers - we also have a lot of 'things' we can include in the game from live stations to captain support. But maybe you need more of a game that can 'self-run' itself as part of tours or small post-grad programs as students come to campus for only 1 week per semester. Nothing is cookie-cutter over here, except for awesome games!


Our Technology


Yes, we have an app (iOS, Android, or Web-based). It's our own app and custom game builder/monitoring tools so you are in great hands with our team of pros. A few features include:


  • Fully Branded (your logo, but colors, icons, words, etc.)
  • Real-time leaderboards, live streams, and updates from the app
  • Highlight reel souvenir videos for each team
  • Live slideshows (they keep loading new content as teams submit)
  • Live chat to trash talk other teams (we can turn this off)
  • Maps, GPS unlocks, choose your own adventure style challenges, embedded videos, custom introductions, puzzles, stickers, AI (yes that AI0 and so much more
  • Fully Managed or Self Play
  • Team Sizes: 5-10 (recommended)
  • Group Size: Any size (literally)
  • Duration: Normally ~2 hours
  • Tech Required: 1 (charged) phone/team
  • Celebrations: Always include a live slideshow of your submission - custom videos and much more area available.

Ready To Get Started?

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