Custom Game

Locations. Built Where You Need Them

Whether it's a picturesque company retreat, a far-flung conference location, or a particular neighborhood buzzing with the latest microbreweries, we understand that sometimes you have that perfect place in mind for your team event - and that's where you want to play!

From the vibrant streets of Thailand to serene Alpine tranquility, bustling tech hubs like Googleplex, or even your local parking lot - wherever you are is precisely where we shine! Our seasoned team excels at crafting unforgettable team events, tailor-made for unique and everyday locations alike, across the globe. Whether it's remote, urban, or simply where you're situated, we're on board. Ready to turn your corner of the world into an extraordinary game zone? Let the games begin!

Let's Build Out Your Ideal Game Board!

We take pride in customizing games that will make your event a standout success. Let's discuss your objectives and pinpoint your ideal game location, or multiple game 'locations', effectively tailoring the best team event for you.

How We Do It

More often than not, our clients know the "where," but the "what," "how," and "wow factor" are left up to our super creative game development team! You might have a few 'must-see' spots in mind, but otherwise, you can comfortably pass the reins to us. We'll roll up our research and creative sleeves to ensure the most memorable experience. We're all geared up to sprinkle our magic and exceed your wildest expectations!

  • Discuss your game objectives and preferred location with us on a call

  • Together, we'll visualize your game zone on Google Maps

  • Now, it's time for us to dive into research and start building the action!

  • With our creativity ignited, we transform your ideas into an engaging game

  • Game day arrives! Get ready to explore and enjoy in your customized game zone

  • And at the final countdown, you take center stage - the hero who made all of this possible

Custom Themes - Possible

Does your game also need to be themed?  We can do that too.

  • Big Celebrations

    Is your company celebrating a milestone, merger or major success?  We can incorporate that magic into your game.

  • Surprise Adventures

    Does your group have no idea they are going on a James Bond themed game through 3 towns in the Swiss Alps.  

  • Lights, Camera..

    How far do you want to take this.  Actors popping up in your game?  Your own CEO popping up in the game? 

  • Let's Plan

    It all starts with a phone call so fill out a form and let's get some details going then hop on a call and hammer it out.

  • "We worked with Social Scavenger on a custom-made smart hunt around the Swiss Alps. Everything was made from scratch.  Social Scavenger went the extra-mile to put together unique, interesting and perfect clues for our audience.  The feedback has been fantastic, with our participants both learning a lot of history and trivia about the area while also enjoying an epic experience at the same time. 10/10 can't recommend highly enough, and will work with the Social Scavenger team again!"

Let's Talk Custom Game Zones & Experiences

Tell us what you can in the form and we'll get you an information package and arrange a time to meet that works for your schedule.

Approximate number of players for your event
City name with desired location (e.g. Downtown) or Virtual (i.e. remote)
Date or Approximate Date (if relevant)
Please provide relevant details (e.g. reason for inquiry, goals, location, date, game type, etc.)