Hurry Hard - Winter Olympics for Epic Teams

Is your team competitive, fun and looking to connect? Book the ultimate international athletic showdown. Played virtually, teams compete in a series of epic Olympic themed challenges, laughing, learning and connecting along the way.


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Perfect For

Creative teams

who like to laugh

How it works


Okay, well not really - this isn't grade school - but everyone will have a guaranteed fun time - so that's winning right?!

In this media-centric game, teams will compete in events such as, “The Team Bobsled Challenge”. Don’t worry, you won't really have to leave your house or risk an injury. BUT you will have to figure expertly coordinate your turns including each player of your team - all while capturing it on video! This game will have teams laughing, learning about one another and of course competing to see who can earn the most points before the clock runs out!

  • 1


    hosting team

  • 3

    spots on

    the podium

  • 60-90

    minutes to earn

    the most points

  • ways to connect

    and have fun


How It Works

Step 1 - Booking & Setup

Pick an available time slot and we're off and skating! You'll be assigned a dedicated game producer who will ensure a smooth setup and organize your professional hosting team for a great game day.

If you want a customized experience just let us know as we include trivia and company values into challenges.

Step 2 - Let the Games Begin!

Figure Skating - Group Skating Event

Wait, what do we need skates!? No - you won't need to sharpen up your blades, however, you'll have to put together a one-of-a-kind routine that impresses the toughest of judges!

Your fully hosted game will likely hosted on Zoom and played in our web-based game platform - where teams will be submitting photos, videos, trivia answers, and much more! Only 1 'team captain' submits the photo and our training is quick and easy!

Step 3 -Closing Ceremonies

Playing the game is a blast, but the fun doesn’t stop when we bring the groups back to the main room. Now it’s time for a media show to bring the vent together along with the winners’ ceremony. The cherry on top: every player leaves with a souvenir Olympic poster of all your athletes so they can always remember that time they were a true virtual Olympic athlete!

How to Play

With the clock ticking, teams will have to decide which challenges to complete to advance them in the game, as not all are worth the same amount of points. We provide more challenges than teams could possibly complete, so decide strategically! Beyond media challenges, you’ll be dealing with trivia, picture puzzles and maybe some custom challenges too!

  • Join on your virtual platform of choice and meet with your MC

  • We share some backstory before splitting you into teams of ~6 people

  • Work together to solve trivia and media challenges

  • Use the hint button to get out of pickles

  • Balance speed and creativity to earn the most amount of points possible!

  • We bring you back to the main room for an epic wrap up

End Game Highlights

When the time runs out, the experience is far from over! We’ll bring everyone back into the main room for some hilarious bonus round voting. See how your friends and co-workers handled the challenges with a ‘best of’ media reveal. The winner’s ceremony is all part of an amazing wrap up that brings the event together.

  • Voting on bonus rounds

  • Challenge highlights

  • Best of media reveal

  • The winner's are announced!

Customize Your Game

Customizing your game adds a level of personalization, fun and connection that you don’t get with most virtual events. Customizations for games may include:

  • Game Experience

    Custom challenges can involve your mission, values, vision and more.

  • Custom Game Logo

    Integrating your existing theme into the event.

  • Gameplay Visuals

    Custom branding right inside your game.

  • Teaser Video

    We’ll put your leaders right into challenges with custom videos.

  • Souvenir Poster

    Take home a printable poster with top highlights and laughs from the experience.


  • Do we have to complete all of the provided challenges?

    No! We purposely provide more challenges than you can complete during the time provided. This gives teams lots of options while keeping competition at a high level.

  • How long is this game?

    We suggest 90 minutes. It’ll fly by - trust us! We also have a 60 minute version.

  • Can this game be customized?

    Absolutely - we can do anything! Fill out the form below to get in touch with us and learn how we can customize the experience to your liking. 

  • Can event organizers play?

    100% you can play! Our hosts and facilitators take care of everything on game day so you are free to join the game as a player and have just as much fun as the team.

  • "Super funny and fun, as long as you're not scared of embarrassing yourself a little"

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