Battle Trivia

An Epic 3-Round Head to Head Trivia Battle Event

Our hosts will engage your team with an inspired head to head battle trivia game where everyone plays in the same room. Competitive teams welcomed - jokes included.



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Perfect For

Competitive teams

who also like to laugh

How it works

The Game

Our hosted Battle Trivia game is both unique, engaging and humorous. We've ensured nobody aces this game - without it being too hard. Each round normally produces different winners and our drop-off rate is practically zero!

Themed games, word cloud 'get to know you' questions, guest hosts - we have all kinds of options to ensure you have a hit event. Your game producer will make life easy while you get great reviews for booking this event!

  • 3

    rounds of 

    trivia fun

  • 3


    per round

  • 1


    hosting team

  • ways to connect

    and have fun


How to Play

On game day, our MC welcomes your group and walks them through the rules of the game and instructions. A second device will be used by players to select the correct answer(s), with the faster correct response earning more points.

Once game play starts, your MC will launch the game and show a leaderboard update between every trivia challenge keeping the suspense high and players engaged. Each round starts fresh, so if you get too far behind, there are more rounds to play.

  • Join on your virtual platform of choice and meet with your host

  • We explain the rules of the game and get you logged in

  • Work against the timer and your colleagues 

  • Balance speed and accuracy to earn the most points!

  • We wrap it up by announcing the overall winners and award the prizes (optional)

End Game Highlights

When the time runs out, the experience is far from over! We’ll go through the winners (combined overall winners) and announce any prizes. You are welcome to address the group in a parting message. Oh, and we'll be taking a team photo for your souvenir poster too!

  • The podium winners are revealed

  • Team photo for souvenir poster

  • Time for a parting message

Customize Your Game

Customizing your game adds a level of personalization, fun and connection that you don’t get with most virtual events. Customizations for games may include:

  • Game Experience

    Custom challenges can involve your mission, values, vision and more.

  • Custom Game Logo

    Integrating your existing theme into the event.

  • Gameplay Visuals

    Custom branding right inside your game.

  • Teaser Video

    We’ll put your leaders right into challenges with custom videos.

  • Souvenir Poster

    Take home a printable poster with top highlights and laughs from the experience.


  • Can the trivia questions be customized?

    Absolutely. We recommend up to 2 custom questions per round but we are flexible - if you want a full game of custom trivia, you got it!

  • Do you have different themes?

    Yes. We we have themed games and can produce custom themes on demand.

  • How much work is it for me (the one booking this)?

    Very little if that's what you want. You'll have a meeting with your game producer and work out the details. We can integrate guest hosts, custom videos and a lot more - or just show up and have fun!

  • What about prizes?

    95% of teams do not give away anything other than bragging rights! This game can get competitive so winning will be prize enough. If you really want to give away prizes talk to your game producer and we’ll work it into the script and award show.

  • "Battle Trivia was perfect for our competitive group of Sales professionals. The trivia was much trickier (and funnier) than I anticipated and everything was dead simple to get set-up. Thanks guys!"

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