About Us

Social Scavenger is so much more than a technology platform or series of great team games. We strengthen relationships across cities, countries, and oceans. And we do that by creating unforgettable shared experiences. Our mission is to connect people through epic shared game experiences - building stronger teams and connections around the world.

How It All Started

Our initial idea was simple: make touring a city fun for visitors and locals by turning it into a game-like experience.

Today, we're SO much more than Social 'Scavenger'

Millions of players across the world have played and built games that stretch the imagination (and our technology) - and pushes us to keep building.

We've even built our own games - hundreds of them - on proprietary tech that makes for epic team building events, campaigns and every other scenario you could imagine.

Our in person and virtual team building games are the bread and butter, but we've never met a creative campaign that didn't get our engines running.

  • 10+

    years in the business

  • 20+

    million players

  • Played On

    6 Continents

  • 100+

    Games Created

Meet The Team

We're a full-spectrum team -- developers, designers, marketers and game makers working together to create the best experiences possible. We specialize in facilitating group activities that make people laugh and bring them together.




    Game Experience, Sales & Marketing

    Your adventure might have started with Warren and his team from dreaming up a custom experience to a campaign that caught your eye.




    Tech & Product Dev

    Leading product development and technology - upping the real-time nature of Social Scavenger taking it to the latest and greatest tech stack your heart desires.


    Lead Game Producer / Client Experience

    If you’ve booked an event or run a campaign with Social Scavenger, you’ve dealt with Svet or her team who ensure teams have an amazing game day experience.



    Lead Facilitator

    She may be leveling you up with massive bonus points or just making sure your tech problems aren’t problems.
    Need to reset your password? Don’t know how to use Zoom? Rhi knows!



    Game Coordinator / Customer Success Manager

    From virtual to real-world, Lindsay helps create the best custom game experience.
    Have a unique request? No problem! She'll make sure all your game day needs are met.



    Custom Design

    When you find your own team featured in your game or a series of custom puzzles designed around your location - you know Harry and the team were hard at work adding that extra touch.




    Developers, Designers, Marketers & Game Makers

    Our team lives all over the world. We're a group of developers, designers, marketers and game makers who specialize in facilitating group activities.


    We're Hiring!

    Designers, Sales Reps, Event Staff & Hosts, Digital Marketers, Developers

    We are always looking for new amazing people to join our team or become one of our partners. Could that be you?
    Get in touch today!

Our Values
  • Fun


    We love seeing our clients laugh and enjoy themselves. If we aren’t having fun then we shouldn’t be in this business!

  • Respect


    We deal with a huge variety of gamers, so respect is critical in how we design, build and manage games

  • Freedom


    We can work and launch experiences anywhere in the world. With Social Scavenger the only limitation is your imagination.

We're Hiring!

Are you a globetrotter? A virtual nomad? Just looking to do something inspiring? Well, if you want to work developing high tech games and events that bring people together, come join our team. These are the openings we're always looking for at Social Scavenger.

  • Game Designers

  • Sales Reps

  • Event Staff & Hosts

  • Visual Designers

  • Digital Marketers

  • Developers

So How Can We Make Your Dreams Come True?

From digital events to virtual games to branded campaigns, no idea is too nutty or out there for our team. Tell us about your concept and we'll help you bring your wildest dreams to life.

Ready to Laugh and Connect with Your Team?

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