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Uniting Teams Remotely Amidst COVID-19

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Can’t get your teams together due to travel restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak? We have put together some great team building options to keep your teams connected.

Team Building - Virtually

Working from Home? Keep your teams engaged and connected from anywhere.

COVID-19 has created a very unique work situation, with diverse work scenarios popping up across the globe. With the inability to connect to the same degree in person, it’s more important than ever to keep teams feeling engaged and together.

Regardless of your current (and evolving) team member locations, we have some games for:

  1. Teams who are still going into the office (but not traveling)
  2. Teams who are Working from Home (or home / office combo)
  3. Virtual teams across time zones

A Few Great Virtual Team Building Games

Keep in mind our games can be customized to your specific work situation or goals. These are fun and engaging games your teams can play either in their own cities (against each other) or even from home.

A few great remote team building games:

Who Kidnapped the Boss
Who Kidnapped the Boss

Great for teams who are working from home / office or combo.

This can be played in the office or while working from home with teams brushing up on company chat tools. 45 or 60 minutes of team fun and puzzles.

Triple Jeopardy
Triple Jeopardy

Great for teams working virtually.

A set of custom trivia challenges ready to entangle the best of teams as they work against the clock to earn the top team scores.

Teams Hunt from Home
Teams Hunt from Home

Great for teams working from home.

A Scavenger Hunt... in your house. Your team connects and works together to solve challenges, split up tasks and produce the most creative list of answers.

Who Kidnapped the Boss?

The ultimate whodunnit about you

Who's it for? Teams who are working remotely - from home or office (or combo)

This can be played by teams completely remote or a combination of in person / remote locations. Teams have 60 minutes to work together to crack the codes, solve the puzzles and get to the final answer. The team to figure out who kidnapped your boss, while earning the most points will win. You’ll still have some classic photo / video challenges too - even remotely!

Custom you say? We say Who kidnapped your boss?! That’s right - we will design clue cards, challenges and the logo to make this game unique to your boss, your formula... or whatever we feel like kidnapping!

Triple Jeopardy

Everyone thinks they are so clever... until now!

Who's it for? Teams in any location

We may not have Alex Trebek but we’ve got the ultimate beyond trivia team building game that you have been waiting for. 6 categories of unique brain challenges - with every challenge getting a bit more difficult (that is the Jeopardy part). However, each category has a unique twist, ensuring teamwork and a variety of skill sets are required (how’s your picture puzzle skills Ken Jennings)? One custom category is saved to be about you! We can even get you (literally you) into the game with a video challenge you’ll present to the team.

Hunt from Home

How working from home made you more creative?

Who's it for? Teams who are working from home

Hunts from Home challenges teams to complete 30 challenges from their own home locations, working together to develop creative responses - all while learning about each other’s new home office experiences. You’ll compete against other teams submitting photos, videos and figuring out some fun puzzles and riddles. Go custom and include challenges about your team or brand in the game.

How to Play

The player experience will vary based on your game selection, team location and duration. The good news is your game producer will provide very specific instructions and support. The app itself has all of the technology you will need and some games can even be played on the web.

Join game
Join game

with a private code

Tech Included
Tech Included

The app has instructions but the layout keeps everything simple

Great Experience
Great Experience

It’s all about the player experience.

Game Players also love:

  • Hidden bonus challenges
  • Hints that ensure nobody gets stuck
  • Augmented reality challenges

Next Level Options - Fully Personalized

Include your own executives in the game with video intros. Add virtual judges who will weed out the most creative teams. Wrap up the entire thing with a virtual award ceremony! Let’s rock this out.

Judges score creativity and send out messages
Judges score creativity and send out messages

Personalized Introductions from your Execs
Personalized Introductions from your Execs

Wrap up with online award ceremonies and highlight reels
Wrap up with online award ceremonies and highlight reels

More personalized than ever:

  • Video introductions
  • Have execs demonstrate challenges
  • Vote on the ‘best of’ across offices and teams
  • All supported by your game producer

Completely Custom? We can build it

"We work with Social Scavenger on custom made hunts around the world. Everything is made from scratch, with the services team going the extra-mile to put together unique and interesting clues for our games and produce awesome in game videos and fun commentary. Our groups routinely give fantastic feedback, learning a lot of history and trivia about the area while also enjoying a fun team-building experience at the same time. 10/10 can't recommend highly enough"

CEO, Moniker Partners

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