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How To Create a Free Scavenger Hunt for Mobile Using Social Scavenger

No time to go through our whole How-To Guide but still interested in the Social Scavenger app? Well you’re in luck, this short and sweet blog post will go over how you can create a free trial scavenger hunt game on your mobile device. 

1. If you haven’t already downloaded the app, you can open this link with your smartphone to access the download link.

2. Go to to get started.

3. Click “Sign In” in the top right corner of the Screen.Sign In
4. You have 3 options to create an account on Social Scavenger:
  • Sign up with Facebook
  • Sign up with Twitter
  • Sign up through Email 
5. Create your game. You can find a button at the top right under Create, OR under My Games -> and then the big “Create” button in the middle of the screen.
6. Enter in your basic settings, most will be set in default (you can always change these settings at any point during your game.) Name, description, all that jazz. The more unique, the better.Tip: Hover over the blue question mark circle to prompt up a description of each setting.
SettingsNote: the ‘Game Builder’ box to your right, this is the motherboard control pad to your game.
7. Creating Challenges. Once you fill in all settings, now comes the fun part! To create and customize challenges, click the “Challenges” tab under the Game Builder box, OR under My Games -> Challenges.
Creating challenges
8. Customizing your game with challenges.
When you create your game, there will already be a few default challenges to help you along. Feel free use these and customize them to your liking, otherwise you can delete them by clicking Edit -> the white X at the top right corner of the box.
Game Builder
9. Types of Challenges. There are 6 individual types of challenges to choose from for your game to stand out.
To set a challenge, under Edit click the first camera icon and ‘Complete by:”
You can choose: Photo, Video, Trivia, AR, Text, and QR Code.Following the Challenge Type, you can also customize:
Point Value
Date/Time Restriction
Locking a challenge to a particular location
Challenge Lock (completing a prerequisite challenge in order to move on to the next one)
Live Stream (if you want submissions to this challenge to be viewed by your players)
10. Save and Play. Once you save edits to a challenge, it will be live and ready to play on your smartphone.
Now just shoot us an email and we can make your game free (but keep in mind your game is only be accessible to you.)
This is a great way to test your game out, risk free.
If you’re happy with your game and want to start inviting others to play, contact us at and we figure out a price to fit your needs. Happy Scavenging!
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