Memorable In Person Team Building Experiences

There’s nothing like getting together in the same physical space to laugh, have fun and compete. Whether your group is at the office, in the big city, or an undisclosed destination (how secretive), our diverse library of games has something perfect for every occasion.

Why Choose Social Scavenger?
No matter what game or set of services you choose, we’re committed to you having an epic adventure. Choose us if you’re looking for a professionally created event that is unique, engaging and super fun. You’ll be assigned a game producer to make your life awesome and your event run smoothly.

Our variety of games and game day services ensures you get the experience that matches up with your location, goals, group style and budget. Oh - and our proprietary app gives you a hi-tech adventure without the tech problems.

What To Expect

  • Competitive Games
  • Fun Themes
  • Appropriate Challenges
  • Engaged Teams
  • Hilarious Highlight Reel videos
  • Surprise Winners
  • Personalized Challenges
  • Easy to Use Tech
  • Unique location stops

Featured Games

Choose the Right Location

City Games

City Games offer a unique opportunity to turn the bustling streets and hidden corners of your city, or any urban area around the world, into a thrilling playground. Ideal for team-building, these games encourage exploration, foster team collaboration, and provide a dynamic way to experience the urban environment.

Indoor Games

Indoor Games are designed to bring the excitement and camaraderie of team activities into any indoor setting. Whether it's in an office, a resort, a conference center, or any other indoor venue, these games are crafted to adapt to various spaces and group sizes. Indoor Games focus on strategic thinking, problem-solving, and fostering teamwork in a more controlled environment.

How Indoor Games Work



How City Games Work


  • Step 1

    Choose Your Adventure

    Hop on a call with a game producer and figure out which game is perfect for your event needs, location and competition levels.  

  • Step 2

    Select Game Day Services

    Our selection of premium game day services

    behind the scenes offers a variety of options to

    take your event to the next level. 

  • Step 3

    Let’s Play!

    Gameday is a BIG deal for us. Your game will

    produce plenty of amazing moments and exciting

    experiences - we’ll make sure they are captured

    and shared with the bigger group.

Loved By Industry Leaders

  • "I wanted to extend a huge thank you to you and your wonderful team! The app was a great success at our event, the teams had a great time and it was a perfect addition to the day."

    - Lyft

  • "The game was amazing and definitely a highlight from our event! Our group had so much fun getting to know each other and the city (Austin)!"

    - Google

  • “My Coca-Cola colleagues and I cannot thank Social Scavenger enough for helping us create a fun, strategic adventure that had our adrenaline pumping and creative juices flowing!”

    - Coca-Cola

  • "Social Scavenger provided a great team building event. We had great feedback from our 100+ participants and look forward to using it again. Look no further for another scavenger hunt program, this is it!"

    - Comcast

What Are Game Day Services?

When you combine our event team with your hi-tech adventures, you get the best of both worlds. This is just some of what you can expect:

  • A Big Boost
    Of Creativity


    Our team awards bonus points and sends out personalized messages as submissions roll in, promoting creativity and engagement, because everyone loves bonus points.

  • Suspense



    With 30 minutes left in your game and competition at full peak, we pull the rug out and hide the leaderboard. Why? To make the winner’s ceremony that much more exciting.

  • Custom Video



    There’s no better way to wrap-up your game than with a custom highlight reel video, featuring the best of the best moments from your adventure.

  • Live Support



    Your game team can also be available via in-app chat, WhatsApp or Zoom for any in-game questions - which are rare - but just for peace of mind.

Play Anywhere

From cities to offices and every destination in between - no matter where you plan to host your next epic in-person experience, we’ve got you covered.



We have options for a variety of budgets! Discounts are available for not for profits, charities, educational groups, multi-game or large game purchases.

  • The Classic
    starting at

    Your game producer will set you up with one of our hit games and make sure you have everything you need to get started and have an epic event.  Your game includes: 

    • A dedicated game producer
    • A private game app
    • Live leaderboard
    • Live stream of your competition
    • In game chat option
    • Countdown timers
    • Post game slideshow link
    • Post game leaderboard link
    • Post game export of all content
  • Premier Games
    starting at

    Our most popular option - the premier edition is the perfect blend of humans and technology as we are 'with you' all game and beyond.  

    You get everything in classic plus

    • A dedicated event team (virtual)
    • Live scoring updates based on creativity
    • Group and team messaging from our judges
    • Bonus challenges
    • Suspenseful conclusion with hidden leaderboard
    • Wrap up videos for post-game ceremony (Sent after 24-48 hours)
    • Optional video for every team
  • Custom Gold
    starting at

    The Gold pack is all about more winners, more celebrating, more laughing. But you have more custom needs? Just ask, that's why it says "+" up there. We can go fully custom with you. 

    You get everything in premier plus:

    • Custom award video for 3 "best of" challenges and winners
    • Team highlight reels for each team
    • Custom challenges
    • Virtual host video intro

Our Gold game packages include add-ons such as ‘custom challenges.’
Discounts for large groups. Ask for details.

Which Event Is Right for My Group?

We understand that not every group has the same level of competitive spirit. So we offer three pacing options to choose from.

  • Slow Down

    Shades and smiles are all you’ll need here. Enjoy the scenery and have a good laugh while doing it.

    Games such as Random Act of Kindness slow down the pace but keep the smiles turned to 10. 

  • vs.
  • Sharpen Your Wits

    Doff your deerstalker hat and comb that mustache, it’s time to solve the unsolvable. 

    Escape-style games are competitive, team-based experiences that come down to smarts and luck! 

  • vs.
  • Let’s Go!

    Tie those Jordans on tight. You’re trekking through the city and you don’t have a lot of time to spare!

    A client favorite, city hunt games are fast-paced adventures that keep your group on their toes.

Check Out Our Full Game List

Slow Down

  • Random Acts of Kindness

    Are you ready to bring some joy to the world (and your team) by completing a series of smile inducing random acts of kindess? Let's do some good!

  • Where in the World is the Crystal Snow Globe?

    The Snow Globe, and all its mysterious powers - have gone missing. Travel around the world (in an indoor space) to track down 5 missing operatives to save the day. But which team will come out on top? And who will take the funniest photos? A fully hosted and facilitated unique group adventure.

Sharpen Your Wits

  • Unlock the Box

    Fancy yourselves clever? Let's see if you can make your way through this escape style game faster and with more points than your competition. A box of tools and app of clues - put them together and you'll have 60-90 minutes to unlock a tiny box.

  • Who Kidnapped The Boss?!

    Bring your team together with this competitive and cooperative whodunnit ‘escape room style’ game, where you and your case squad must race against the clock to find which of the 5 suspects at your organization kidnapped your boss.

  • Great Scott!

    Biff has stolen the DeLorean and is wreaking total havoc on pop culture as you remember it!  Working in teams, you’ll travel to various hotspots to unlock the decades where you'll decode puzzles, crack codes and complete pop culture saving recreations.

  • Mission Impossible

    Evil mastermind Lachesis has acquired the ultimate weapon - the MacGuffin. Your team has to track him down and install the kill code on the device before it’s too late. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: have an epically fun team building experience!

Let’s Go!

  • Ultimate City Scavenger Hunt

    Our legendary 90 minute to 2 hr city adventure game will be the most unique team discovery adventure you will ever have - full of laughs and aha connections.

  • Amazing City Race

    You made it to Checkpoint 1 - but can you create an aircraft that passes our test and move on? Get your bandanas ready - it's race day.

  • Mall Hunters

    It's never too hot or too cold in your favorite mall, but it does lack excitement... until now. Get ready to take on all the challenges a mall has to offer.

FAQs for In Person Games

  • How Long is the Game and What Are the Physical Requirements?

    Classic games are 2 hours (though we have 90 minute versions available). The pace is light to moderate (please let us know about your team). The game is played on foot and while each game / city is slightly different expect a casual walking pace for up to 2 hours with lots of stops to do challenges and explore the space. If you want a more ‘fast paced’ game please let us know and we’ll turn up the heat.

  • Are We All Walking Around Together?

    No. Our games are designed to scatter teams across the playing field and large groups can be assigned a variety of start points.

  • Will We Have Game Day Support and a Host?

    If you are booking a premier event you’ll have access to our live virtual events team, though frankly not a lot of support is required once you get started. We have 3 tiers of events - but every game comes with a game producer who sets you up for success. So whether you prefer to run your own show, want our virtual team conducting things or even an in person host - just let us know!

  • Are the Start / Stop Locations Provided or Custom?

    Both. We have a game ‘zone’ for you to play in with recommended stop / starts, but can accommodate custom start / stop locations in most cases. We can also customize any of our games to specific locations, but normally that’s not required.

  • Do We Use Your App to Play?

    Yes - one person per team (more if you wish) downloads our proprietary app and joins your private game. The app is loaded with fun and features. If you have a strong phobia of downloading apps, many of our games can be played on a mobile web version (meaning no download).

    The app is configured per event but can include: challenges, maps, live streams (showing you other teams in action), live leaderboard, chat room (or trash talking zone), rewards and yes - more!

  • What is the Booking Process?

    Once you are ready to book, you’ll tell us the basics (game, location, date, approx headcount) and we’ll get you a contract, a deposit invoice and a game producer. Your game producer will make sure you have a great event and will handle any customization requests, hosts etc. You are in good hands.

  • What if We Don’t Know How Many People Will Be Playing?

    No problem! We will only invoice you for up to 90% of your headcount ensuring you have some wiggle room - but you don’t need to give us those numbers right away either.

  • How Do We Make the Teams?

    We will give you our $0.02 on the best way to make teams based on your outcomes, but more random than not is a good idea.

  • What about Rain & Inclement Weather?

    Did we mention you’re in good hands? While some of the most epic games have happened when teams battle a few elements, you are able to re-book your game for a future date at no additional cost. We also have ‘indoor’ games in many cities in case there is no option for a future date.

Can I Get A Quote?

Tell us a little about your next team building experience and we’ll do the rest!


Approximate number of players for your event
City name with desired location (e.g. Downtown) or Virtual (i.e. remote)
Date or Approximate Date (if relevant)
Please provide relevant details (e.g. reason for inquiry, goals, location, date, game type, etc.)