Mix It Up With Amazing Hybrid Events and Experiences

Can't get your team to meet in one central location or even on the same day? You don't need to be in one place to have fun! We offer custom solutions to match your evolving work arrangements.

What Are Hybrid Games?

Connecting people across different spaces, time zones, days, offices, and homes is the superpower of our hybrid games. There are many types of game experiences that fall under hybrid, including:
  • Multiple Offices
    + At Home

    Teammates can play from any combination of offices and home workstations - we’ll take care of the logistics!

  • Multi-Day

    Set up live events across days or weeks to get everyone in on the fun.

  • Across the

    Connect offices from anywhere. PT to ET. Europe to Asia and Australia. Anything is possible!

  • Hybrid
    To You

    Work life is evolving and our hybrid offerings can be customized to match your work setup.

Why Choose Social Scavenger?

When you want a unique, exciting and fun virtual team-building experience, call in the pros!

Our team has designed a series of hybrid events with one purpose in mind - engaging your team in a fun and meaningful way. Our professional game producers, hosts and facilitators are ready when you are - let's play!

What To Expect

  • Professional events team
  • Offerings to match your team configuration
  • Work-appropriate creative experiences
  • Fully customizable
  • Unforgettable memories for the whole team
  • Fun, surprise and delight
  • “Social Scavenger really pulled through! We’re a team with four offices, and what I thought would be a logistical nightmare was actually so much fun!”

FAQs for Hybrid Games

  • What exactly is a hybrid event?

    Exactly. What does hybrid mean to you? We have a variety of games we have run for clients who have different definitions of hybrid. So first we need to discuss what that means to you!

  • Can we play this from work and home?

    Yes! We have games you can play from work, home, various cities, games that go ‘around the world’, games you can do in shifts, etc.

  • Do we need to use an app?

    No. Our games can be played using our mobile web app, so people can play on their phone or even computer browser without downloading anything. Some games do work better with the app - but we’ll review that with you.

  • How long are games?

    A single game is typically 60 or 90 minutes. But hybrid games often span a longer time period, which could be anywhere from a full day to many days or even weeks!

Can I Get A Quote?

Tell us a little about what hybrid means to you and your team. We’ll do the rest.

Approximate number of players for your event
City name with desired location (e.g. Downtown) or Virtual (i.e. remote)
Date or Approximate Date (if relevant)
Please provide relevant details (e.g. reason for inquiry, goals, location, date, game type, etc.)