Custom Games

No matter what type of experience you’re looking to create or have created, our platform is the place to start.

The What

The Where

The When

The Why

of Social Scavenger Customization

  • The What




    A huge array of features and configuration settings allow us to build almost anything that the imagination can conjure. 

  • The Where




    Seriously. Our games can be played in-person, virtually, or in any number of hybrid settings, across the globe.

  • The When




    Our game timers allow you to run a countdown event or a multi-week experience with select challenges only appearing at certain times.


  • The Why


    Any reason!


    Use rewards, various win conditions, and other configurations to achieve your specific goal. 

  • Establish the tone, rules and story with a custom ‘tour’ when your players first join the game.

  • Get the look and feel you want with complete branding when they are inside the game.

  • Configure the menu and features players can access so they only get what they need. 

  • Customize the game story, theme and challenges!

    • Combine the right features and configurations to create the right game.

    • Match your audience and goals with challenges built from scratch.

    • Design your games to be played anywhere!

4 Ways to Offer Completely Unique Player Experiences

Today, it takes more than a basic trivia app to get people excited. With our games, there’s always more than one way to surprise and delight your players.

How to Create 

and Run Custom


We’ve made creating and running your custom game as easy as possible. Because games aren’t supposed to be stressful, even for the people running them!

  • Customizing an Existing Game

    We have a lot of great games ready to go. So if you really just want to ‘theme’ something or add in some custom challenges - no problem.


    Build From Scratch

    You’ve got ideas and want to know how we can execute and bring it to life. In short - we can do it.

  • Set Up The Game

    We’ll get the game set up, built and ready for game day to match your custom needs.  Want to do the heavy lifting yourself, no problem. Build it yourself!

  • It’s Gameday!

    Gameday is obviously unique to whatever experience we have created. But you’ll have access to a full set of back-end features or a team who can run the game for you. Simple games can easily be set to run themselves. 

What Are You Looking to Create?

No matter what you envision as your ideal game, we can help you create it. We’ve heard it all - seriously! Check out some of the concepts we’ve made a reality.

  • “My brand is looking to take a bite out of the Easter market and we need a 3 week fully branded easter egg hunt that can be played anywhere” 

  • “My silicon valley husband is turning 40 and we need to build a custom driving based game around town that includes his favorite places and a custom rap song.”

  • “We’re taking a group of 200 people to Switzerland on a reward trip and need a spy-themed amazing race that covers three towns and has a series of stops at adventure places.” 

  • “My city is launching a program around caring and we are developing a series of temporary structures that we want to incorporate into a game.”  

  • “We’re opening our new flagship office and want to give people a fun game-like way to tour it before opening day - help!”

  • “We’re hosting a music festival at a resort for 900 people and want a custom 2-day game that keeps them engaged and meeting new people.” 


Personalize Your Experience

Even Further With Branding


Any of our individual games can be tweaked to take on their own themes, giving you the option to

have games tailored to locations, age groups, themes and even sponsors.

Our Clients Love

Working With Us

  • "What an amazing crew! From the host to the experience itself, this has to be the best team event we’ve ever pulled off. Thanks, Social Scavenger!”

Ready For What’s Next?

Contact us to start customizing your game experience. Or, if you want to create your own game from scratch, check out our Builder program.

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