GPS Unlocking

You asked for it, so we built it! Social Scavenger now let’s you make ANY challenge type unlockable by GPS. This bit of geo-fencing means your games can require players to get to a certain location before they can complete a challenge!

GPS Unlocking

We have this set to 200 meters right now, and we’ll be adjusting that based on feedback from our players and clients. We tried it at a closer level, but sometimes for big attractions it’s hard to get too close! Other times the technology is just not amazing at ‘how close am I’? We want to keep your battery operational after all (i.e. try driving for a couple hours with a map software guiding the way and keep your iPhone alive).

How to do it?


1.  Set the location.  Just click on the map icon and type in the address.

2.  Click on the ‘lock’ icon and select lock to location.

When you go into the challenge screen in your game you’ll see how many meters away you currently are!


GPS Unlocking
Unlock challenges using GPS