Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Party!


How a Barbie-themed Scavenger Hunt might be the summer team building event you need this year!



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barbie scavenger hunt

Did you know there was a popular Barbie movie that came out last year? If you missed the headlines - welcome back.

When a client says “We need a Barbie-themed Hunt” - we jump to action. So how do we do it?

"Amazing Experience - My Coworkers and I had so much fun!" - Amazon

How we Build your Own
Barbie-themed Scavenger Hunt

  • Map out the area of the city where you want to play

  • Research the best and most unique GPS points where you perform some challenges

  • Dream up some serious Barbie challenge magic and sprinkle it throughout your game!

Here are a Few Fun Ways we Barbified
this Unique Team Building Adventure

barbie-themed sticker challenges

Barbie-themed Sticker Challenges

Get Your Team In the Doll Box

Barbie-themed AI Challenges

If Barbie was going to remake your office into the “Dream Office”, describe in detail how that would work.

Barbie-themed GPS Challenges

Get to the X location and have your team do a Barbie vs. Ken walk-off! Head to head, fashion style down the runway towards the camera. Stop. Pose. Head Flip. Done!

Barbie-themed Trivia and Puzzles

You don’t need a lot of in-depth knowledge here - but stick with them!
Barbie Costumes

Barbie Costumes?

That’s up to your team! We won’t be providing them but it’s one Amazon click away to Barbie nirvana!

Barbie might not be your thing, but we have endless team building options for your team this Spring through Summer. What’s your dream theme?


Tell us your dream theme and we'll make it happen!


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