Employee Engagement & The Role of Play


Office. Hybrid. Virtual. No matter the workplace arrangement, employee engagement is critical now more than ever and gamification has a role to play!


employee engagement and the power of play

In This Article, We’ll Take A Look At:


1 - Employee Engagement by the Numbers

2 - Today's 3 common work arrangements and their impact on engagement

3 - How gamification plays a role in increasing engagement

4 - Solutions that build connections


At the end of the day, employee engagement isn't one thing - it's 1,000 things and requires leadership who recognizes engagement leads to many good things, but most critically - improving their bottom line.


While our role is just one sliver in the grand scheme of it all, having a gamification program that builds connections is not only important to do - it's a lot of fun.

So, What are Engaged Employees?


Engaged employees typically display a high level of passion for their work, demonstrate a strong understanding of how their roles contribute to the overall mission and objectives of the company, and are willing to go above and beyond their job descriptions to achieve these goals


Does that sound like most of your team? 

We all wish - but while 100% 'happy' will never happen - let's move that needle.

Why the Focus on "Engaged" Employees


It might be obvious, but many managers focus on only 1 or 2 of the following. These are all part of the engagement package.


  • Profitability goes up
  • Retention goes up
  • Health goes up
  • Happiness index goes up (employees and customers)
  • Safety goes up (less injuries)
  • Cost of hiring goes down


And at the end of the day, most key decision-makers at organizations are trying to move the bottom line. So while your goal might be about retention and happiness (a more altruistic purpose) - it’s important to have buy-in and remember to promote the fact that these all move together!

What is The New Workplace?

Office. Hybrid. Remote.

The ‘return’ to work has taken many twists and turns over the last few years and we are slowly settling into a truce between employers and employees. But that makes life harder as we have to learn how to tackle the engagement challenge across the board.

#1 - The Fully Remote Workplace

These are the 15% of companies who took the deep dive and rid themselves of the burden of office space i.e. saw huge opportunities to save big on real-estate while also increasing satisfaction for those people who wanted to stay remote (which initially was most everyone).

As fully remote groups navigate the shift of others returning to in-person work, challenges have arisen. Many remote workers now feel isolated and disconnected, missing the informal interactions that fuel job satisfaction, internal networking, and career advancement.

How Social Scavenger is Engaging
with Fully Remote Workers

Looking for team building games for a remote work force? We've got you covered for virtual events, asynchronous and even when teams eventually do meet up.

  • Virtual Games of all shapes and sizes that can be customized to your organization
  • Fueling any In Person Get Togethers (beyond nachos and a ball game)
  • Ongoing and year-long networking games built around the world's most popular photo type: the selfie
  • An Asynchronour Adventure - Perfect for Remote & Hybrid

    No need to synchronize calendars for a two-hour event. This game remains open until the set end date, normally weekly challenges for 1 month, making it a perfect fit for various work schedules and setups (remote, hybrid, in-office). We offer over 10 different virtual programs (event style, asynchronous and ongoing).

#2 - Back at the Office

Just like the good old days - except it’s not quite as bustling, there are more empty offices, the food courts are a bit less crowded and the vibe is down.

Over 30% of people who are back at the office have reported they are seeking a ‘hybrid’ role in their next job. There are many reasons for this amongst them commutes, lack of family time, and feeling they are not getting the same opportunities as their peers.

So offering a casual month long game that takes very little time or a full on 2 hour event - there are many solutions to mix in some fun.

  • In Person Groups Strategize to Choose Their Own Adventure

    Discover the magic of Choose Wisely, the team-building game that combines strategy, choice, and hilarious challenges. As your team navigates through a world shaped by their unique decisions, they'll unlock challenges tailored to their preferences (of course the path is only revealed once they make their choices). Brains or brawn? Thrilling or safe? AI or Huan? The choice is yours!

#2 - The Hybrid Workplace

"When people originally started approaching us about “Hybrid” experiences - we had to ask ‘what does Hybrid mean to you’? And no two answers were alike. We’ve come quite a far way since then but there is still no one industry answer to that question - so we have to be agile to support hybrid work places."

- Warren Glenn, Social Scavenger

"A lot of people don’t have strict schedules. Like, we’ll see you Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 8:30 AM. It’s a little bit of a choose-your-own-adventure. But for a lot of people, it also means you wake up every morning and you have to run an equation of, what does my Workday look like? What does my work week look like? Am I going to see the people I want to see when I go to the office?"

-NY Times - The Hybrid Worker Malaise (2024)  

Engaging with Hybrid Workers

  • Make coming to the office a bit more fun
  • Encourage casual networking opportunities
  • Get people together once in a while and make it fun!
  • The Ongoing Internal Networking Game - Selfie

    Selfie revolutionizes employee engagement programs by offering a fun and interactive platform that your team members can play ALL YEAR ROUND.This game is built around one very simple concept - find somebody new and get a selfie with them! The act of connecting 2 people who haven't taken their selfie opens the door to those loose connections and networking opps we are missing. A stand alone game or add it to your programs.

Initiatives We Support With Games

We offer a variety of gamification techniques to bring joy and connection to your workforce. These range from full-on ‘games’ / ‘events’ - where you can bring everyone together, right through to asynchronous experiences that give any time challenges to your staff to help them connect and build up loose ties.

Talk to us about programs tailored to your role and goals:

  • Team Building
  • Networking
  • Onboarding
  • Orientation
  • Alumni Programs
  • Community Giveback

Just Getting Started or Looking for the Cheery on Top of your Employee Engagement Initiatives?

No matter what stage you are at - we are happy to discuss custom games or ready-to-roll opportunities. Start a bit or just start with a simple program. 

Don't see a game or challenge that speaks to the unique culture of your workplace? We thrive on creativity and welcome your insights to craft the perfect engagement experience. Share your ideas with us at info@socialscavenger.com and let's co-create an unforgettable journey of employee engagement together!!

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