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earth day team games

Earth Day is a special day celebrated every year on April 22, aimed at raising awareness about our planet's environment and the importance of protecting it.

This day encourages everyone, from individuals to large organizations, to take part in activities that promote environmental conservation.

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What You Can Do to Celebrate Earth Day as a Team

One creative way to get involved is by planning an Earth Day-themed Ultimate Scavenger Hunt with Social Scavenger. The idea is to make environmental awareness fun and interactive, encouraging participants to learn more about sustainability, recycling, and other eco-friendly practices through a series of clues and challenges.

Why Celebrate Earth Day with your Team

earth day themed team games
For companies and organizations, participating in Earth Day by hosting a scavenger hunt is more than just a fun activity. It's an opportunity to showcase commitment to the environment while also fostering team building.

When employees come together to solve challenges, they not only learn about environmental issues but also develop stronger connections with each other. This initiative not only contributes to a good cause but also strengthens the sense of community and teamwork within the organization.

Wherever your Team Works,
We Have A Game For You

We have a variety of Earth Day-themed games that can be played at the office, in the city or virtually. Don’t miss out just because you can’t get your team together.

Celebrating Earth Day in the Office

Earth Day (Month) Challenge Bingo

An innovative team event and a lasting team game (that isn’t exactly Bingo). Unleash the fun with an assortment of eclectic Bingo challenges that are released over time.

Fun Custom Challenges Included

  • Recycling Relay

    Teams race to sort a mix of recyclable materials correctly.

  • Energy Hunt

    Hunt for the appliance or system with the lowest energy consumption tag.

  • Feedback Wall

    A wall or digital space where employees can post their ideas for making the office more eco-friendly. This could range from reducing paper use and implementing a composting system to suggestions for energy-saving measures.

  • Energy Efficiency Quest

    Find ways to reduce energy use in an office area.

Taking the Celebration to the City

Our Earth Day-themed Ultimate Scavenger Hunt isn't only confined to the office—it's designed to take the celebration to the streets, parks, and landmarks of your city. This adventure encourages teams to explore their urban environment with a green lens, discovering not just the city's beauty but also its sustainable practices and challenges.

Earth Day-themed Scavenger Hunt

Our legendary 90-minute to 2-hour city adventure game will be the most unique team discovery adventure you will ever have - full of laughs and aha connections.

Virtual Earth Day Celebrations for Remote Teams

Even if your team is spread out across different locations, you can still come together to celebrate Earth Day in a meaningful way. Our Earth Day-themed Battle Trivia can be adapted for virtual participation, ensuring everyone can join in from wherever they are.

Earth Day Battle Trivia

This hosted trivia experience gives everyone a chance to play in the same room, no matter how big! Expect plenty of unique trivia questions and unique surprises that keep hands on the buzzers and eyes glued to the screen.

Making It Impactful

Turning the fun and excitement of the Earth Day-themed Team Games into lasting environmental awareness and changes in corporate sustainability practices is where the real challenge lies. It’s about moving beyond a single day of activities to foster a long-term commitment to the planet.

Our Earth Day-themed games are designed not just as a day of fun but as a springboard for ongoing environmental consciousness within your organization. By engaging in these activities, participants can discover practical and impactful ways to contribute to sustainability efforts, both personally and in the workplace.

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