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Creating engaging and epic game experiences just got a lot
easier. We'll work with you to deliver fully immersive
experiences that are fun and easy to implement. Whether
you're powering an experiential business or building your next
client campaign - we're here to make it a success.

Our Solution

Players Want Memorable Experiences

We've got your players covered, no matter how they want to experience your content. From iOS to Android to Mobile Web or Desktop, it's all here.

Get access to: branded and themed our player app, so each experience you launch is unique and customized to your audience and goals.

Builders Want Power & Flexibility

Our backend platform gives you everything you need to run and manage great client experiences. Our APIs are for those who want to dig in a bit deeper.

Get access to: templates, highlight reel videos, a challenge library, and live in-game offerings, chat and push messaging, and bonus scoring modules.

Need Your Own App?

Most clients really just want a fully branded experience, which you can get with Social Scavenger. But a few select clients take it to the next level with their own app. Your players can access your game on any platform.

  • iPhone

  • Android

  • Mobile

  • Desktop

Solutions You Need, Delivered

Whatever you need, we do it. From fully branded technology platforms to creative game designers, our experts can help you run campaigns from behind the scenes, or you can do it yourself with our powerful and flexible platform. We’re constantly evolving to capture trends, technology, and fun.

We Work With

  • Agencies
  • Event & Festival
  • Trip Planners
  • Resorts
  • Conferences & Trade
    Show Planners
  • Destinations & DMO’s
  • Startups & Dreamers
  • Charities

Our Services

You don't need any experience building games or mobile experiences to partner with us. Crafting stories or running game day technology is our bread and butter. Our services cover:

  • Consulting


    We’ve been doing this for a long time, so let our team of game designers and builders help you get the most out of our platform and your ideas.

  • Support Services


    Our clients don’t always have the team (or desire) to handle the nitty-gritty - from event monitoring, judging, video editing and building - just ask.   

  • Training


    Our packages always come with training. So if you get overwhelmed or want top-level access, you’ll get it. 

Upgrading Your

We work with many successful team building and event companies looking for a more powerful solution. Offer feature-rich and immersive game experiences and get access to more game and post-game tools. We build this technology with you in mind - if you haven't seen us in a while - it's worth a look under the hood!

Our Clients Love

Working With Us

  • “Our fans absolutely loved engaging with the ring and being part of the celebration with our Social Scavenger app integration! Not to mention our boom in downloads. Pure Awesome.”

Looking to Nerd it Up?

If you’re excited about APIs and building out something unique with our new real-time app technology - just get in touch!

Experiences We Make Better

Here are just some examples of the types of experiences we help our clients improve to get the best results possible.

  • Conferences
    Rachel Hollis

    - Love Austin

    At the Love Austin conference, it was more than just visiting vendor booths to earn points. Our client dreamed up a city wide networking game for some networking and content to tie into the multi day event.

  • Global
    Dubai City Hunt

    When the city of Dubai wanted to show they cared, we partnered on a giant art hunt throughout the city with live exhibitions and they blew it out of the water with a massive turnout and hugely successful campaign.

  • Leading
    Red Bull Flugtag

    The Flugtag was just one of the Red Bull events that we’ve worked on with fully branded solutions to engage their very unique set of participants who build ships, race cars.

  • Festivals &
    St. Patricks Day Festival Treasure Hunt

    St. Patricks Day in Dublin - you can’t beat that for a treasure hunt opportunity - which is why we built a custom one all around the port including both sponsors and custom clues.

  • Reward Trips
    James Bond Does Switzerland

    When we were tasked with a 3 town, train riding, live challenge-based mystery game around 3 towns in the Swiss Alps we delivered the top event at the entire rewards trip at a fraction of the cost of other experiences.


  • Resort
    San Antonio Resort & Spa

    Resorts looking for games for a general audience, a corporate audience or both turn to Social Scavenger to build games custom to your resort and where you want visitors to go!

Creating the Best Experience Means Using the Best Platform

It goes without saying we have a LOT of features for both game design, build and managing the entire experience.

  • Game Stories
    & Design


    Create engaging story-based games with our in-game pop-up videos, custom tours and 10+ challenge types. Flexible configuration options allow you to design the game of your dreams. 

  • Game


    Give your players unique experiences, every time. Our easy-to-use intuitive game interface sees only the areas that matter to their unique event. They just click and go.  

  • Game


    Manage games in real-time with fewer resources than ever before. In just a few clicks, you can access automated highlight recap videos, chat with groups in real-time, create detailed reports and more.  

  • Branding



    Make your game unique with custom themes, branded assets, or create your own app. No matter what the event needs, we’ve got you covered. 

Ready To Get Started?

Our experts are ready to work with you to create the best experience possible. Talk with us today.