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Social Scavenger partners get all the incredible benefits of a tailored gaming experience with zero development headaches. We've worked with everyone from big brands to team-building companies and resorts to create experiences that connect teams and wow clients. Find out how we can help you below.

How We Partner With You

Create, Build and Share - We've Got You Covered

No one does in person and virtual events quite like Social Scavenger. Our partners get premium features that will help them create memorable experiences for their audience.

  • Our Technology

    Players can access your games on any platform, such as iOS, Android, Web & Desktop.

    Love the benefits of technology, but could care less about how it works? You’ll love our game builder - no high-tech knowledge is required!

    Love technology itself? Get your hands dirty and dive into our APIs and advanced features set. Ask about what’s coming next.

  • Our Game Consultants

    From game design to training and support, we help storytellers and game builders create magic.

    We can help guide you along the way to hitting your goals or dive in and help co-create epic experiences for your audience. Speak with one of our game experts to learn how the Social Scavenger platform can work for you.

  • Your Game Options

    Our flexible platform offers you limitless choices to wow your clients.

    Our feature-rich platform lets you build fully branded story-based games that are 100% unique to your audience. They’re incredibly simple to create and fun to play. Not into game design and development? Talk with us about licensing our games!

  • 9+ Games to Choose From
  • Latest in Virtual Game Technology
  • No Coding Required
  • Branding Consultation
  • Gamification Help
  • Library of Team Building Resources and Ideas

What Our Clients Love
About Us

  • “The Social Scavenger team was great. They helped with every stage of the process.”

Solutions Tailored to Your Business

  • Team Building Professionals

    Go beyond the walls with an Escape Room that’s well crafted and easy to replay again and again.
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  • Agencies

    Build, run and manage your programs the way you want with flexibility, reliability and ease.

  • Resorts

    Offer discovery games, seasonal events and group team building offerings unique to your resort.

  • Educational Institutions

    Engage students with games ranging from orientation to team building programs - on campus or virtual
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  • Event Planners

    We can help as your tech backbone or build and run programs at your events with our partners.

  • Retreats & Destinations

    Plan an epic adventure for your clients. They expect big things -- we’ll help you deliver.

  • Startups

    Create the game of your dreams with consulting, game development and branding.

  • Coaches & Thought Leaders

    Get help licensing programs for company-wide activities, meetings, retreats and so much more.

  • Conference & Meeting Planners

    We help organizers of conferences and company meetings create compelling experiences.
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  • Festival Planners

    Custom solutions for amazing events and fun festivals! One size does not fit all and we can help.
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  • Charities

    Create awareness with an epic game and let us help you reach your goals - whatever they may be!
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Leave Nothing to the Imagination

Our team can help bring your dreams and programs to life, creating experience that your clients will rave about and will keep you coming back. 

  • Live Scoring & Judges

    Our game day monitor tool allows anyone to crank up the player engagement dials

  • Custom Stickers

    You might not be familiar with how to use all of our features (building stickers / AR) but we can helps

  • Live Stations

    How can you incorporate your team or even actors into your game - we can help.

  • Branding

    Each game can feature it's own branding, which includes more than just a logo.  

  • Integrations

    Our APIs allow you to connect with the data you need in real time (nerds only).

  • Video Crews

    The app captures all the action and pumps it into real-time highlight reels, reducing the need for expensive alternates.

  • Custom Reporting

    Download a full game file and get access to all of the game day data to create any report.

  • Game Library

    Build out a library of games, license existing games or work with us to co-create new game templates.

Social Scavenger Partnership FAQs

Whether you're looking for more information on game types, pricing, training, or onboarding, we have the answers.

  • Why should I use the Social Scavenger platform?

    We’ve been at it for over a decade and each feature we add or upgrade we make is to create a better user experience either in the game, building the game or managing the game. Our partner fuel the growth of the platform - so we’re quite confident we have what you need.

  • My clients don’t always want to download an app, thoughts?

    Don’t we know it! Our mobile app means your players can join the game on phone or browser just by clicking on a link, or even a QR code right into your game if you set it up. With that said, we have an iOS and Android app.

  • Do you help us build games / train us on the system?

    Yes. We provide some basic onboarding and then a variety of optional services to get you started. You can license games, have our team help you build something custom that you can use over and over etc.

  • Branding is important to me, how does that work?

    Your games can be fully branded to either a theme, your brand or that of your clients. You can do more than just add a logo and a color.

  • We need our own platform, do you offer that? i.e. White Labels?

    Yes. We offer White Label solutions for either event companies that run a large volume of events or in some cases large one off brand activations or festivals. We have these limits as the entry costs are higher. If you just really want something ‘fully branded’ you can do that with Social Scavenger or our black label app.

  • What type of support do you offer?

    We have a huge variety of partners from those who sell existing games to those who run large event businesses’. Once we know what you require, we’ll set you up to succeed. Anything from pre-game consultation and setup to in-game live support to post game reporting, videos etc.  The good news is, you can reach a human.

Ready To Level Up Your Game?

Our experts are ready to talk the experience you are looking to create and how our platform and team can help - from one off usage to long term partnerships.  Reach out today.