A Better Way

Social Scavenger is a better way to share group experiences and build teams.

The Problem

Great companies are fueled by great teams full of great people. Building great teams of people is hard to do.

Many teams are dysfunctional. Most are operating at a suboptimal level. The best teams disproportionately impact success.

It's easier to be the best when you have tools and systems designed to help teams be happy and productive.


Today, teams cobble together their own solutions. A collection of spreadsheets, proprietary software, and borrowed templates form a frankenstein approach to managing and leading teams.


A collection of custom branded software-as-a-service tools purpose built to solve common problems faced by teams. Select the tools you need, leave those you don't.

Free to try. Pay before the group convenes for the experience.

This is the future we're working towards, with you.

Social Scavenger Fun