Team Games for Interns, Summer Students, Residents or Anyone New in your Company!


Are you organizing a team event for your interns, summer students, residents, or anyone new to your company? You are in the right place. Our games can be customized to your values and help connect your people together through play. We offer both in person and virtual experiences.


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Engaging New Members of Your Organization In Person

Be it interns, new hires, summer students, residents, or whoever is joining your organization - you are looking for ways to engage and impress.

Our engagement hub is packed with exciting activities designed to help your new team members get familiar with the organization's culture, their new co-workers, and perhaps even the office or surrounding area.

We give you the ability to customize these experiences based on your goals, thus leveraging our hit experiences while also working on your specific goals and messaging.

Our goal is to ensure your new team members have a fun and enriching experience while they get introduced to your company and new co-workers. Below are a few of the exciting team-building activities designed just for this purpose.


Games We Play for your
New Team Members

We have great connecting games ready to go, however, these can be tailored and customized to your message, culture, and location. Looking for a virtual event? We have a lot of virtual options as well

Ultimate Scavenger Hunt


If your new hires are coming together at the office (hooray), let’s provide a game that shows off the fun and exciting things to do around the area. Customizable to any location.


Who Kidnapped The Boss?!


An amazing way to introduce some of the senior team members is by making them characters in our hit whoddunnit game that can be set up in the city or around the office.



Let’s see what type of group decisions your interns and students make as they face a series of decision points together!



The 80s travels well, so even though many people from this group weren’t even born yet - they’ll knock the 80s challenges out of the park and really show you about those 00s.

How it works

Games Tailored for New Members of your Organization

Step 1 - Choose Your Game

Pick the game that interests you most and collaborate with our game designers to add any personalized features you’d like.


Step 2 - Pre-Game Briefing

Our game designer will provide you and your team with all the essentials needed to ensure a memorable experience.


Step 3 - Dive into Challenges

Engage in a variety of fun and unique challenges through our app. Whether it’s creating videos, snapping photos, or solving puzzles, your team only needs one device to participate via the Social Scavenger app.


Step 4 - Celebrate the Outcomes

Everyone's a winner, but the team with the highest points will claim the top spot. After the game, you’ll have access to all the exciting photos and videos taken during the event.


Real-Time Scoring

For those opting for our premium game, you can impress live judges and earn bonus points for creativity. At the end, enjoy a custom video compilation that your team will cherish. If you're not in the premium game, no worries! You'll still have access to a slideshow and content exports to celebrate the fun times.

Loved by Teams Big and Small

  • We had the best time using social scavenger for our team building event for our whole company. The whole app once you play is very user friendly and the game producers are amazing! So much attention to detail the whole time. I would recommend this to any company wanting to do a team-building activity!

    - TriArc Marketing

  • We had a wonderful team bonding experience this week playing the Ultimate City Hunt. This was a first for us. We had 19 team members who took part in the challenges and explored the city in groups. The team videos show the smiles and laughter had by all. The videos and photos you created are a fantastic reminder of this experience. Thank you for a job well done!

    - Susan McClenahan

  • After researching many options for our group team building activity, we came across this and it did not disappoint. The staff that we worked with were outstanding and will definitely do this again! Thank you for making it a very memorable event.

    - Frank Phair

  • We had amazing virtual events with Social Scavenger! Their team was so responsive and helpful, and their live hosts were full of energy to keep everyone engaged! We hosted multiple events with them because they made it easy to connect with teammates of all personality types, and have some fun in a virtual setting!

    - AJ Thompson

Packages & Pricing

Price Options ranging from $30 - $75pp
Contact us for a quote and for Game Tier Information

  • The Classic
    starting at
    • Private game
    • Custom Timing
    • Game producer
    • Live game stream
    • Leaderboard results
    • Automated slideshow
    • Content export
  • The Premier
    starting at

    Includes everything from Classic plus:

    • Virtual events team
    • Live messaging
    • Bonus points
    • Live Leaderboard
    • Team chat (if applicable)
    • Custom Video
  • Gold Pack
    starting at

    Includes everything from Premier plus:

    • Custom award pack
    • Team highlight reels for each team
    • Custom challenges with individual award winners
    • Virtual custom host introduction

What Does Going Premier Give You?

Premier packages (and above) feature real-time virtual judges, video editors, commentary, and more! If it fits within your budget, we always recommend choosing Premier to combine the best of technology and human elements in your game.

  • Rewarding Creativity
    Players put in more effort when they know more points are available for quality submissions. Our team will monitor, adjust scoring, and communicate with the teams throughout the game.
  • Dramatic Endings
    As the competition nears its end (with about 30 minutes remaining), we’ll heighten the excitement by turning off the leaderboard! This makes the final 30 minutes of the game and the announcement of winners more thrilling.
  • Custom-Made Highlight Reel Video
    While you always receive a slideshow, the Premier package offers an additional highlight reel. Our video editors will create a "best of" compilation (not every challenge) to provide a truly memorable memento from your event.

Photos & Videos Galore

Your game will produce some amazing (and often hilarious) photos and videos from your participants. We know that watching these back is pure gold, so we offer several options:

  • Instant slideshows
  • Exports (for sharing over time)
  • Custom highlight reel videos (made by us)
  • Team highlight reel videos
With our various packages, you can get this media in any format you want!


  • How Long is the Game and What Are the Physical Requirements?
    Classic games are 2 hours long (though we also offer 90-minute versions). The pace is light to moderate, but please let us know about your team’s preferences. The game is played on foot, and while each game/city is slightly different, you can expect a casual walking pace for up to 2 hours, with plenty of stops to complete challenges and explore the area. If you prefer a more fast-paced game, please let us know, and we’ll turn up the heat.
  • Will We Have Game Day Support and a Host?
    If you are booking a premier event, you’ll have access to our live virtual events team. However, not much support is required once you get started. We offer three tiers of events, and every game comes with a game producer who sets you up for success. Whether you prefer to run the event yourself, have our virtual team conduct it, or even have an in-person host, just let us know!
  • What are Media Challenges?
    Our origins are in photo and video-based challenge games, so we’ve found some really fun ways to incorporate 'media' into the game. Media challenges are presented back to the group, providing a great way to see what other teams did. However, you may opt out of media challenges in your game if you prefer.
  • Are the Start/Stop Locations Provided or Custom?
    Both. We have a game ‘zone’ for you to play in with recommended start/stop locations, but we can accommodate custom start/stop locations in most cases. We can also customize any of our games to specific locations, though this is usually not required.
  • How Much Work is This for Me (the Organizer) and Can Event Organizers Play?
    Your dedicated game producer will seamlessly guide you through everything needed for your event. If you are customizing the game, it’s a bit more work, but it’s always worth it. Our team makes this process very streamlined with easy samples, templates, and phone calls.

    Yes, you can absolutely play! Our hosts and facilitators take care of everything on game day, so you are free to join the game as a player and have just as much fun as the team!

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