3 Amazing Race Ideas for your Company Party


Planning your next company event - now is the perfect time to shake things up with an adventure that brings everyone together. We’re talking: Amazing Race! A fresh and exciting way to engage your team in a fun, competition, celebration, and connection.


Amazing Race Summer Team Building Event
Company Amazing Race

A Few Quick Points about a Company Amazing Race

#1 - Designed for Corporate America (not Captain America).

If you want to tell us your group is ‘super hardcore*’ - Okay, we can crank it up, but in general, we are inclusive with our team-building games - even the Amazing Race.


#2 - Everyone loves office parties, picnics, BBQs, or patio takeover

Awesome, of course, they do. Those are the perfect places to celebrate the epic Amazing Race you just had! We can incorporate that into your game.


#3 - We don’t want teams getting eliminated and we like more than just 1 winner

We get it, this is a modified Amazing Race, and there are no missed flights, airport delays, or eliminations - that would be cruel. But there are winners! And sometimes LOTS of them. Read on.

3 Tiers of Amazing Race Team Games Means Something for Everyone


We have 3 offerings for various budgets, group sizes, and goals. If you are wondering why we don’t talk about renting drones and archery contests - just ask!

#1 - The Amazing Race (Classic)


This one is perfect if your group is a bit smaller <30 people, and is the starter of epic team races. Teams will still be bustling through the city (or wherever we set up your game), tackling challenges that are submitted via photo/video, etc., and having every hilarious moment captured and analyzed in real time!


Real-time Updates

Yes, we're talking real-time updates from our group as we award bonus points, cheer you on (and occasionally rib you) and produce a finale that wraps up your adventure with a highlight reel of all the fun times and big wins.


Winning Teams

This game wraps up with winners (normally 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) teams along with a custom video highlight reel of your event you can share with the entire team post-event. Depending on your ending location we can even have a slideshow ready to play as you walk in!

The Amazing Race (Classic)
Face the cookie challenge

What is an Example Amazing Race Challenge?


Find & Face the City's Tastiest Cookie


Your team figures out which famous bakery they have to make their way too (using clues/hints/maps). Once they arrive they purchase the famous ‘X’ cookie. Two team members (minimum) have to try and get this cookie from their forehead into their mouths - without using their hands. And of course, submit the video evidence.


Our team will be watching these videos roll in and scoring the appropriate amount of bonus points for amazingness. How do we upgrade this exact challenge in the next tier? Read on.


#2 - The Amazing Race (Premier)

The premier tier is often selected by slightly larger groups who really want to have a lot of winners. But how can an Amazing Race have more winners? Do we start giving out participation ribbons? No - this is the Amazing Race after all - we have to keep some level of competition, am I right?

So let’s break it down. Some teams aren’t going to win, and won’t have the best chance to win - that’s the way the cookie crumbles. So we’ll spice it up by having Challenge Winners!

More Winners

  • Game Winners: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place teams
  • Challenge Winners: 1st, 2nd and 3rd x 3 challenges!
  • That’s up to 12 teams who have gotten onto the podium!

So what is a ‘Challenge Winner’: we’ll pick 3 challenges and turn them into their own mini games. This means not only will you have more winners but a team that feels they can’t win the game can focus on being epic in one or all of these 3 challenges.


What is a Challenge Winner?


Find & Let’s take the same example challenge: Find & Face the Tastiest Cookie with Winners


How does this cookie example challenge change if it had winners? We will be announcing that this is one of the 3 ‘Amazing Race’ challenges that have their own winners (in the briefing and right in the app).


Now how does it work? We are going to watch (live) and then re-watch all of the cookie challenges. We are going to select the top 3 and produce a video with the top 3 in a countdown video. You are going to then have 3 teams who ‘medal’ at this challenge! And a lot of debate about why Team X didn’t get into the top 3. But good news - you can just blame us! A little controversy adds to the spice.


#3 - The Amazing Race (Gold)


If you want the complete experience, this is the version for you. We're upping the ante again - but now with live stations around the city. What those are and where we host them is up for debate and part of the planning and budget process (as renting drones for your team to crash vs. our cookie example have different budgets)!


So you get everything in Premier (see above) but now you are going to be finding our teams around town hosting the Mini Games.


Turning the Cookie Challenge into a Live Station


Just to keep the cookie example going (this isn’t one we normally do), but here we go:


Okay, at this point you are finding our host at a location, who has the cookies ready to go. But now your team might have to decorate the cookie ensuring we have a style winner. They might have to also do a blind taste test to identify a series of flavors. They might have to perform this challenge by first passing the cookie person to person in a relay-style challenge using only the chopsticks we’ve provided.


This is where we get super creative. Your location hosts will be scoring it all and then comparing the results with our behind-the-scenes team i.e. Team X looked good but got a 30-second penalty on the relay race due to severe ‘cheating’ violations. :)


“The Amazing Race that Social Scavenger put on for us was Amazing!!!!

The whole company loved the event. Everything was tailored perfectly for us.

From start to finish, the entire process was extremely smooth...

Highly recommend!!”

(Curated - Company Gathering, San Francisco)

Ready to Talk Amazing Race Ideas?

Our Amazing Race games are here to turn your company party into an unforgettable journey. Whether you thrive on competition, love celebrating every achievement, or are keen to explore and discover together, this game promises an unforgettable journey.


And if this sounds “Amazing” but it’s ‘too much’ to start with don’t worry, we have a ‘feel good’, strategy and other team games such as:


- Random Acts of Kindness (basically the opposite of The Amazing Race, it’s all about doing good, being friendly, and not really racing at all) Or

- A Mystery Game like Great Scott that is great for all age brackets at the company Or

- A Choose Your Own Adventure style game where teams forge their own path

Get in touch - we’ve got a game and are ready to talk about your Company Party Team Event.


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