Choose Wisely 

The game of many paths and endless possibility!

Discover the magic of Choose Wisely, the ultimate team-building game that combines strategy, choice, and exhilarating challenges. As your team navigates through a world shaped by their unique decisions, they'll unlock captivating challenges tailored to their preferences (of course the path is only revealed once they make their choices). Brains or brawn? Thrilling or safe? The choice is yours! Get ready to ignite team spirit and create unforgettable memories with Choose Wisely.


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Perfect For

Team building fun

How it works

You Decide Your Path

Picture this: You arrive at the City Center Fountain, your team faces a choice: "Friendly" or "Thrilling" (which can earn you up to 2x the points). Only once you make your selection will you discover if you’ve unlocked a throwback “Friends” fountain pose or the higher-stakes Michael Jackson Thriller dance routine. Each team's decisions determine the challenges they face and the points they earn.


Fear not – a shared experience is still at the core of "Choose Wisely", with many challenges designed for all teams to complete. This ensures a well-rounded adventure, where teams can bond over both unique and collective experiences.


Are you ready to embark on this exciting team-building journey? It’s time to Choose Wisely!

  • 10+

    critical and hilarious team decision path points

  • 120

    minutes to win the day

  • 5

    minute epic highlight

    reel wrap-up video

  • ways to connect

    and have fun

How to Play

Gather your teams (~5 players per group) and appoint a captain to download our app and join your exclusive game. Easy-to-follow instructions (or an optional host) will guide the setup process.


Once the timer starts, embark on a thrilling 2-hour walking adventure in the customizable game zone, typically spanning 1-square-mile in the city.


Teams visit various challenge locations in any order they choose, unlocking a one-of-a-kind experience. Engaging challenges call for creativity and teamwork, as teams submit their completed tasks using short videos, photos, stickers, puzzles, trivia, AI art, and more.  


Stay connected throughout the game with our feature-packed app, including a real-time leaderboard, live-stream, chat functions, maps, and more. These interactive elements fuel friendly competition and enhance team collaboration, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Let the fun begin!

  • Join your private game on the Social Scavenger app (1 person per team)

  • Review your game day briefing and get ready to play

  • When the clock starts ticking - the game is on, let’s play!

  • Teams choose their own path to try and earn the most points

  • Complete fun and creative challenges as a team

  • When the clock strikes zero, wrap it up with a winner ceremony & highlight reel videos

Premier Games

Premier games place a real-time game day event team with your hi-tech app fuelled adventure resulting in the best of both worlds.  If your budget doesn't support premier, rest assured our classic game will still be a hit.  Premier games include: 

  • Live Scoring and Judges

    We watch. We judge. We award bonus points based on creativity and effort. Oh... and we send teams funny messages based on what we see happening.

  • Custom Video

    A custom hand made highlight reel video of your adventure brings everything together in a hilarious finale.

  • Wrap Up Ceremony

    Your game day team will get you over the assets to present the winners

  • Best Of Winners

    Why have one winner when you can have many?  Ask your game producer about challenge winners.

  • Live Chat

    Access other teams via the games real-time chat - our team is also in there mixing it up.

Epic Video Wrap-ups

When the time runs out, the experience is far from over!
Our mission is to connect people through epic shared game experiences - building stronger teams and connections around the world. One way we do this by creating an epic video wrap-up that showcases all of the submissions and memories created during the event.


Personalize the Experience

Customizing your game can add a level of personalization, fun and connection that further amplifies your game experience.  From the challenges themselves to location stops and even stickers - we can get your team, company and mission into the game.

  • Challenges

    Custom challenges can involve your mission, values, vision and more as we weave them into the game.

  • Team Souvenirs

    After your event, we can provide you with a highlight reel video for each team that played! 

  • Custom Locations

    Games typically designed in greating walking areas in the city can be built at your conference center, resort, campus etc.

  • Custom Stickers

    Stickers of your own people, products, mascot etc. are always a hit as a funny challenge.


  • Do We Use Your App To Play?

    Yes. One person per team - or more if you wish - will download our proprietary app and join your private game. The app is loaded with fun and special features. However, if you have a strong phobia of downloading apps, many of our games can be played on a mobile web version (meaning no download). The app is configured per event but can include: challenges, maps, live streams (showing you other teams in action), live leaderboard, chat room (or trash talking zone), rewards and yes - more! 

  • How Do We Make the Teams?

    We will give you our $0.02 on the best way to make teams based on your outcomes, but more random than not is always a good idea.

  • Will We Have Game Day Support and a Host?

    If you are booking a premier event you’ll have access to our live virtual events team, though frankly not a lot of support is required once you get started. We have 3 tiers of events - but every game comes with a game producer who sets you up for success. So whether you prefer to run your own show, want our virtual team conducting things or even an in person host - just let us know! 

  • What is the Booking Process?

    Once you are ready to book, you’ll tell us the basics (e.g. which game, location, date, approx. headcount, etc.) and we’ll get you a contract for review and signature along with a deposit invoice.  Once those basics are in place you'll be assigned a game producer.

    Your game producer will make sure you have a great event and will handle any customization requests, premier services. You are in good hands.

  • What if We Don’t Know How Many People Will Be Playing?

    No problem!  We can still get you a contract and a deposit invoice as we work towards a final headcount.  We also offer 'up to pricing' for larger events, festivals and big company games.  

  • "Such a fun team bonding experience! Low pressure, high fun, and a few hilarious additional tasks. Loved it."

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