Indoor Team Building Games 


Looking for unique group activities perfect for indoors? From strategy-based challenges to lighthearted fun, our indoor team building games are sure to be a hit.


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Indoor Team Building Experience for All Venues

Welcome to our dynamic indoor games, perfectly suited for any indoor venue, whether it's the cozy conference room of a boutique hotel or the sprawling campus of a tech giant. Join us for indoor team-building adventure games designed to spark laughter, collaboration, and friendly competition.

Our challenge-based games are perfectly themed to any indoor setting. Our adaptable games seamlessly integrate with your venue, transforming it into a game arena.

No office is too small or campus too large for our games. We tailor our games to fit your environment, schedule and goals.


A Few Games We Play Indoors

Choose from one of our existing indoor adventures
or ask us about custom games tailored to your program or theme.

Ultimate Scavenger Hunt - Indoor Edition

A modern-day indoor classic - we’ll throw 40 challenges at teams and not give them enough time to get them all done. Cue the chaos, laughter, and fun as teams work together (and against others) to try and top the leaderboard.

Who Kidnapped The Boss?!

Your boss is kidnapped, and it's an inside job! Race against time with puzzles, riddles, and multimedia challenges to solve the mystery. Will your team save the day? Hints ensure nobody ever gets stuck, the catch? They cost valuable points.


As your team navigates through a world shaped by their unique decisions, they'll unlock captivating challenges tailored to their preferences (of course the path is only revealed once they make their choices). Brains or brawn? Thrilling or safe? The choice is yours!



Biff stole the DeLorean and completely destroyed all the greatest pop culture moments. Recreate classic moments as teams travel the 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, and 2030s in order to put things back into place and undo the damage (and save the galaxy).


Indoor Team Building Venues

Transform your workplace into a playground of collaboration and competition with our engaging indoor team building games.


Conference Centers

Infuse your corporate events with excitement and teamwork as you explore our immersive indoor game experiences.

Hotels and Resorts

Elevate your retreat or corporate getaway with dynamic indoor team building games tailored to your luxurious surroundings.

Special Event Spaces

Make your special occasions unforgettable with interactive indoor games that bring people together and foster connections.


Turn shopping trips into memorable adventures with our entertaining indoor games, perfect for families, friends, and colleagues alike.

And more - ready to be customized!

No matter the venue, we're here to customize thrilling indoor team building games that fit your unique space and needs.

Why Do Teams Book Indoor Events?

Ultimate Choice for Year-round Team Building

Indoor venues provide a reliable and convenient option for year-round team-building activities. Traveling to offiste locations requires time (you may not have) and logistics (you may not be interesed in dealing with). And while we love outoor games - we do enjoy the year round weatherproofing of indoor locations. 

How it works

Games Configured to Your Location

Step 1 - Pick Your Challenge Based Game

Our games are challenge-based adventures and involve working as a team to leverage team members' skills as they communicate and complete fun and thoughtful challenges to earn points. The challenges are themed around your game of choice. So if you choose a Mystery style game, expect your photo and video challenges to involve things a spy team might have to do (at least a corporate America spy team).

Step 2 - Moving You Around the Venue

How you explore the space - depends on the venue. One of the most common game types involves tracking down a series of QR Codes that unlock sections of the game. In a smaller conference center, these could simply get people up and out of their chairs, at an office these could be hidden with custom ‘clues’ across many floors. Of course, you don’t need to use QR codes to unlock the game. Sometimes you track down ‘things’ or ‘places’ that help you complete challenges.  

Step 3 - Competing to Win

All of our games are based on points, which you earn by completing challenges. Premier games feature judges to award bonus points for creativity. Puzzles routinely feature hints forcing teams to strategize about speed vs. points. A real-time leaderboard tracks it all. More details later - but that’s the gist.

Step 4 - Celebrating

As the game concludes, the team with the highest score claims victory! However, when you choose to announce winners and show the slideshow or custom video hilight reel is up to you. It could be instantly or more likely a little bit later in your session or even the next day. 

Our Team: Real-Time Judges, Video Editors, Hosts and more

We offer a variety of optional services to make your event a hit and keep it on budget. Our premier+ games put creativity at the forefront as teams who impress our judges will gain bonus points (and get fun messages in the app). Event wrap up videos are always a hit.  

Loved by Teams Big and Small

  • "I wanted to extend a huge thank you to you and your wonderful team! The app was a great success at our event, the teams had a great time and it was a perfect addition to the day."

    - Lyft

  • "The game was amazing and definitely a highlight from our event! Our group had so much fun getting to know each other...!"

    - Google

  • “My Coca-Cola colleagues and I cannot thank Social Scavenger enough for helping us create a fun, strategic adventure that had our adrenaline pumping and creative juices flowing!”

    - Coca-Cola

  • "Social Scavenger provided a great team building event. We had great feedback from our 100+ participants and look forward to using it again. Look no further...this is it!"

    - Comcast

Playing Indoors Using Custom QR Codes

If we are using QR codes we'll create branded codes that can be placed across the venue. These are scanned using our app in order to unlock pieces of the game. Why?


If it’s your own office and you have a lot of space, you may want to ‘hide’ the QR codes and use a series of clues for people to find them. If it’s a single conference room - you can just place them on the walls to move people around and get them up.


The Social Scavenger App


Our app (used by one person per team) delivers the challenges for the game, stream all of the submissions (so you can see other teams' photos and videos), and of course, keep track of all the points.


QR codes are one of the many ‘challenge’ types in our games (others include: photos, videos, puzzles, trivia, AI, stickers etc).


Packages & Pricing

These are 3 price tiers. $20pp budget? $150pp budget?

If you provide us with a budget and briefing we'll get you a package that works.

  • The Classic
    starting at
    • Private game
    • Custom Timing
    • Game producer
    • Live game stream
    • Leaderboard results
    • Automated slideshow
    • Content export
  • The Premier
    starting at

    Includes everything from Classic plus:

    • Virtual events team
    • Live messaging
    • Bonus points
    • Live Leaderboard
    • Team chat (if applicable)
    • Custom Video
  • Gold Pack
    starting at

    Includes everything from Premier plus:

    • Custom award pack
    • Team highlight reels for each team
    • Custom challenges with individual award winners
    • Virtual custom host introduction

What Does Going Premier+ Give You?

When you combine our event team with your hi-tech adventures,
you get the best of both worlds. This is just some of what you can expect:

  • A Big Boost Of Creativity
    Our team awards bonus points and sends out personalized messages as submissions roll in, promoting creativity and engagement, because everyone loves bonus points.
  • Suspense

    With 15 minutes left in your game and competition at full peak, we pull the rug out and hide the leaderboard. Why? To make the winner’s ceremony that much more exciting.

  • Custom Video
    There’s no better way to wrap up your game than with a custom highlight reel video, featuring the best of the best moments from your adventure.

Game Day Media for All Price Tiers

Don't get confused - no matter what game you play we want you to enjoy the classic moments right after the event and well into the future.

  • Slideshows (instantly available for all tiers)
  • Full Content Exports (all tiers)
  • Custom Videos created by us (available for Premier+)
  • Individual Team highlight reel videos (Premier+)


  • Are We All Doing The Same Challenges
    Mostly, but not in the same order. Each team will be given the same challenges but will get to choose their own path to victory. In some of our games, such as Choose Wisely, teams will NOT do all of the same challenges.
  • How Long is the Game?

    Typically indoor games are 60 minutes or 90 minutes. We have both shorter and longer games though so back to you - how long do we have to work with?

  • Can We Customize Challenges?

    Yes. Get in touch. Some games like Who Kidnaped YOUR Boss are very customized, other times we just sneak in a few company challenges. We can also create custom challenges based around your goals or programs.

  • Do We Use Your App To Play?
    Yes. Typically one person per team joins your private game which has a leaderboard, live stream, challenges, chat, etc. However, if you have a strong phobia of downloading apps, many of our games can be played on a mobile web version (meaning no download).
  • What is the Booking Process?
    Once you are ready to book, you’ll tell us the basics (e.g. which game, location, date, approx. headcount, etc.) and we’ll get you a contract, a deposit invoice, and a game producer.

    Your game producer will make sure you have a great event and will handle any customization requests, hosts, etc. You are in good hands.

Ready to Discuss Your Event or Get a Quick Quote?

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