Park Team Building Games 


Looking for unique group activities for the park? From strategy-based challenges to lighthearted fun, our park team games are sure to be a hit.


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A Memorable Team Building Experience at the Park

Ready to ‘play the park’ like never before? Join us for a team-building adventure that transforms every bush, bench, and pathway into a playground for creativity and competition.

Our challenge-based games are perfectly themed to any park setting, offering flexible fun whether as stand-alone events or as the ideal complement to your picnic day, field day, or any other group activities.

Whether it’s the iconic Central Park, the charming Piedmont Park, or the office neighborhood park, we tailor the adventure to fit your team’s needs.


Team Games We Play At The Park

Choose from one of 4 unique park adventures or ask us for custom games

Ultimate Scavenger Hunt- Park Edition

A modern-day park classic - we’ll throw 50 challenges at teams and give them not enough time to get them all done. Cue the chaos, laughter, and fun as teams work together (and against others) to try and top the leaderboard.

Amazing City Race - Park Edition

Not every park (or budget) wants to be turned into an Amazing Race - but this premier event is ready if you are! Live stations that are customized to your park will make this a game nobody will soon forget.


Who Kidnapped The Boss?!

Your boss is kidnapped, and it's an inside job! Race against time with puzzles, riddles, and multimedia challenges to solve the mystery. Will your team save the day? Hints ensure nobody ever gets stuck, the catch? They cost valuable points.

Great Scott

Biff stole the DeLorean and completely destroyed all the greatest pop culture moments. Recreate classic moments as teams travel the 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, and 2030s in order to put things back into place and undo the damage (and save the galaxy).

How it works

Your Park is our Gameboard!

Step 1 - Meet Your Game Producer

Once you choose your game and give us the details, we will assign a dedicated game producer to your event. They will be your point of contact, ensuring everything is set for a seamless and exciting game day.


Step 2 - Game Briefing

Your game producer will ensure you and your team have everything you need for an epic adventure based on your selections.


Step 3 - Playing & Completing Challenges

On the day of the event, each team will designate a ‘captain’ who will use our exclusive app to access the game. The app serves as your command center, displaying challenges, leaderboards, live streams, and much more, enhancing your experience with real-time engagement.


Step 4 - Celebrating

As the game concludes, the team with the highest score claims victory! Immediately access leaderboards and enjoy a celebratory slideshow. Relive the fun with live stream highlights and laugh together at memorable moments. For premier games, enjoy a custom video wrap-up that captures the essence of your adventure.


Additional Feature: Real-Time Judges Scoring

In our premier games, not only does strategy earn you points, but creativity does too! Impress our live judges with your team's submissions, and gain extra points. Each premier game concludes with a custom video tailored to your team, ensuring the memories last long after the day is done.

Why Do Teams Book Outdoor Events at Parks?


Nature's Choice for Team Building

Parks are perfect for bringing large groups together for team activities. Whether it’s the ease of transportation and parking, the tradition of annual gatherings, the option to bring in food trucks, or simply a love for nature, parks cater to all needs. Whatever your reason, we ensure that every event has a dynamic team-building element to make your adventure memorable.

5 Advantages of Park-Based Team Events

  • Versatile For Any Group Size
    Clients often rent sections of parks to accommodate large groups, and our games are designed to complement such gatherings perfectly.
  • Conveniently Located
    It’s not always easy to great walking part of a city, so parks are great setting for your team event.
  • Open and Healthy Spaces
    With ample green spaces and fresh air, parks are perfect for activities that boost health and team spirit.
  • Accessibility for All
    Tailor the amount of walking to suit your team, ensuring everyone can join in the fun.
  • Easy Setup
    Our games are designed for simplicity; only one person per team needs to use our app to engage the whole group.

Loved by Teams Big and Small

  • "I wanted to extend a huge thank you to you and your wonderful team! The app was a great success at our event, the teams had a great time and it was a perfect addition to the day."

    - Lyft

  • "The game was amazing and definitely a highlight from our event! Our group had so much fun getting to know each other and the city (Austin)!"

    - Google

  • “My Coca-Cola colleagues and I cannot thank Social Scavenger enough for helping us create a fun, strategic adventure that had our adrenaline pumping and creative juices flowing!”

    - Coca-Cola

  • "Social Scavenger provided a great team building event. We had great feedback from our 100+ participants and look forward to using it again. Look no further for another scavenger hunt program, this is it!"

    - Comcast

Packages & Pricing

Price Options ranging from $25 - $75pp
Contact us for a quote and for Game Tier Information

  • The Classic
    starting at
    • Private game
    • Custom Timing
    • Game producer
    • Live game stream
    • Leaderboard results
    • Automated slideshow
    • Content export
  • The Premier
    starting at

    Includes everything from Classic plus:

    • Virtual events team
    • Live messaging
    • Bonus points
    • Live Leaderboard
    • Team chat (if applicable)
    • Custom Video
  • Gold Pack
    starting at

    Includes everything from Premier plus:

    • Custom award pack
    • Team highlight reels for each team
    • Custom challenges with individual award winners
    • Virtual custom host introduction

What Does Going Premier Give You?

When you combine our event team with your hi-tech adventures,
you get the best of both worlds. This is just some of what you can expect:

  • A Big Boost Of Creativity
    Our team awards bonus points and sends out personalized messages as submissions roll in, promoting creativity and engagement, because everyone loves bonus points.
  • Suspense
    With 30 minutes left in your game and competition at full peak, we pull the rug out and hide the leaderboard. Why? To make the winner’s ceremony that much more exciting.
  • Custom Video
    There’s no better way to wrap up your game than with a custom highlight reel video, featuring the best of the best moments from your adventure.

Game Day Media for All Price Tiers

No matter what game you play we want you to enjoy the classic moments right after the event and well into the future.

  • Slideshows (instantly available for all tiers)
  • Full Content Exports (all tiers)
  • Custom Videos created by us (available for Premier+)
  • Individual Team highlight reel videos (Premier+)


  • Do we all play at the same time?
    There are two game styles available. Option 1 is the main event where everyone plays for 90 minutes. Option 2 is a game that remains open for your entire time at the park allowing people to participate at their own convenience.
  • How Long is the Game?
    Typically games are 90 minutes or 2 hours.
  • Can We Customize Challenges?
    Yes. Get in touch. Some games like Who Kidnaped YOUR Boss are very customized, other times we just sneak in a few company challenges.
  • Do We Use Your App To Play?
    Yes. Typically one person per team joins your private game which has a leaderboard, live stream, challenges, chat, etc. However, if you have a strong phobia of downloading apps, many of our games can be played on a mobile web version (meaning no download).
  • What is the Booking Process?
    Once you are ready to book, you’ll tell us the basics (e.g. which game, location, date, approx. headcount, etc.) and we’ll get you a contract, a deposit invoice, and a game producer.

    Your game producer will make sure you have a great event and will handle any customization requests, hosts, etc. You are in good hands.

Ready to Laugh and Connect with Your Team?

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