Let's make your employee engagement programs more FUN and ENGAGING all year round with Selfie.

Selfie revolutionizes employee engagement programs by offering a fun and interactive platform that your team members can play ALL YEAR ROUND. With its unique features, companies can create engaging activities that encourage employees to actively participate and connect with each other, every day of the year. By integrating our app into your employee engagement strategy, you can unlock the potential for high employee engagement and foster a positive work environment.



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Your Mobile Phone is your Employee Engagement Booster!

With Selfie, you can seamlessly integrate the power of personalized visual expression into your employee engagement programs. Encourage team members to capture the spirit of their interactions and conversations with selfies, and incentivize them to expand their connections across the company to earn higher Selfie points. Also enhance company culture by sharing these snapshots on platforms like Slack, fostering a sense of community and openness. And don't forget the rewards – celebrate your top Selfie-takers during your company ceremonies or celebrations.


Now, you can elevate your employee engagement efforts with Selfie and watch your organization thrive like never before!

  • Launch

    Launch your company's employee engagement program

  • Selfie-fy

    Use Selfie to gamify your program and make it fun and engaging

  • Engage

    Encourage employees to engage and connect with as many colleagues as they can

  • Reward

    Reward employees with the highest Selfie points


How to Play Selfie


Elevate your company's employee engagement program and enhance your company culture with the Selfie App. Here's how in three simple steps:

Create a Company Selfie Game Space


Kick-start the transformation by crafting your very own Selfie game space. Tailor it to fit your company's style and culture, and set the stage for employee connections to flourish.

Implement a Selfie-Infused Employee
Engagement Program


Implement your Employee Engagement Program with a twist. They're encouraged to snap selfies after each engagement conversation. Selfies become the proof of their conversations.

Compete, Earn Points, and Win Rewards


As employees engage in creative ways, either through Coffee meetups, Random Lunch, or even a one-day event, they'll start accumulating points. While Selfie tracks the points, it's up to you whether to reward participants based on their points earned.

So, why Selfie anyway?

Well, in today's digital age, selfies have become more than just a trend – they're a form of expression and connection. With millions of selfies taken every day, it's clear that people love sharing their moments with the world. By using Selfie as a part of your company culture, you can bring about a whole bunch of benefits:

  • Potential For High Employee Engagement



    According to Eksposure, a staggering 93 million selfies are snapped daily. Imagine channeling even a fraction of this enthusiasm into your workplace! With over 1 trillion photos taken worldwide in 2020 alone, selfies have become a universal language of connection.

    With Selfie, your company can leverage this trend to enhance employee engagement and create lasting bonds.

  • Increased Interaction With Team Members


    Faces tell stories, and selfies amplify them. Studies reveal that selfies with faces receive significantly more likes and comments on social media platforms. By encouraging employees to capture and share their moments through the Selfie App, you're fostering a vibrant interaction, engagement, and collaboration environment.

  • Fun and Interactive Connection with Colleagues


    Companies with engaged employees outperform their counterparts by an astounding 202%. The Selfie App is your gateway to elevating employee engagement. It offers a playful and interactive way for team members to connect, fostering relationships that fuel innovation and productivity.

  • Increased Workplace Satisfaction


    A positive company culture leads to satisfied employees. Those who feel valued and engaged are 33% more likely to stay with the organization. By infusing Selfie into your company culture, you're creating a positive work environment that nurtures creativity, camaraderie, and lasting job satisfaction.

Premium Add-ons

Looking for more? Let's make your Selfie experience more personalized with our Premium Add-ons.
Customizing your game
adds a level of personalization, fun, and connection that you don’t get with most experiences. Ask us about our Premium Add-ons which include: 

  • Custom Branding

    Your Selfie experience can be fully branded for a company, individual, or theme. Full branding means not just a logo, but colors, the company name, and more.

  • Custom Domains

    For an additional fee, host the Selfie experience at your own domain name.


  • What makes Selfie unique?

    Selfie stands out due to its year-round engagement approach. Unlike traditional engagement programs, it offers activities and challenges that employees can enjoy every day, keeping the engagement levels high consistently. Selfie is both incredibly simple and extremely powerful.

  • Why is employee engagement important for businesses?

    Employee engagement is vital because it boosts productivity, job satisfaction, and overall company performance. Engaged employees are more likely to stay with the company, contribute their best work, and positively impact the workplace culture.

  • How can companies integrate Selfie into their engagement strategy?

    Companies can integrate Selfie by signing up for the game and customizing their game space to align with their specific goals and branding. Employees can then download the app and start participating.

  • How does Selfie benefit employees?

    The Selfie app enhances employee engagement by promoting teamwork, communication, and friendly competition. It also provides opportunities for personal and professional growth while making work more enjoyable.

  • Is the Selfie App suitable for remote or distributed teams?

    Absolutely! The app is designed to engage employees regardless of their location. It's a great tool for keeping remote or distributed teams connected and motivated.

  • Is the Selfie App suitable for small businesses and large corporations alike?

    Yes, the app is scalable and can be adapted to meet the needs of small businesses, startups, and large corporations. It's a versatile solution for enhancing employee engagement across various company sizes.

  • How can I get started with Selfie?

    To get started, you can either create your own Company game space now or contact our sales team so we can guide you through the setup process.

  • "Everyone at our firm had a ton of fun running around downtown! The game was well organized, easy to follow and everyone loved the hilarious comments from the live judging!"

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