Boston Scavenger Hunts

Experience an unforgettable team building event in Boston, Massachusetts for groups of 8-10,000+!

Group events, from team building to company retreats, go next level when you play one of our high-tech app based adventures. Combining the human element (our virtual event team) with our high-tech games means the best of all worlds creating maximum engagement as you explore, discover and compete your way through Boston.

Social Scavenger adventures encourages your group to reach your goals while experiencing the best of Boston. 


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Boston is our Gameboard!

Modern City Scavenger Hunt team games will have you scouring an area of the city while trying to outdo your competition by picking the best route to victory. Create action-based challenges at Fenway Park, Beacon Hill, or hit all 16 historical sites on the Freedom Trail. Each team can choose their own path, so whether you’re a group of 10 or 10,000, you won’t be on top of each other in this epic adventure. For teams and groups that are in different cities, we also offer an experience tailored towards parallel play.

Why not start your event right where Samuel Adams kicked off the Boston Tea Party?! Social Scavenger is the best way to generate awareness and engage with the town!

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How to Play

We recommend teams of 5 for maximum engagement and competition. While only one person per team will use their smartphone to join your private game, everyone plays a critical role in completing challenges before the clock runs out. Games typically run between 90 minutes - 2 hours and involve both teamwork and creativity in completing photo and video challenges, puzzles and much more.

Get ready to explore, engage, compete and have a blast!

  • Join your private game on the Social Scavenger app (1 person per team)

  • Review your game day briefing and get ready to play

  • When the clock starts ticking - the game is on, let’s play!

  • Teams choose their own path to try and claim victory

  • Complete fun and creative challenges as you explore the area

  • When the clock strikes zero, wrap it up with a winner ceremony & highlight reel videos

Team Building Games in Boston

  • Ultimate City Hunt

    Our hunts are custom events that both match your goals and exceed your expectations. You can expect participants to have a great time and be talking about this as an epic event well afterwards.

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  • Who Kidnapped the Boss?!

    Bring your team together with this competitive and cooperative 'whodunnit' escape room style game. Race against the clock to find which of the 5 suspects at your organization kidnapped your boss!

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  • “​​Fun and innovative team building experience!”


    - Netflix

  • “Really fun, great way to explore a new city!”


    - Xero

  • "Not only did I have a great time ... it brought us all out of our shells.”

    - Reckitt

  • “It was very engaging and perfect for team building activities.”

    - Amazon

Premium Game Day Services

When you combine our event team with your high-tech adventures, you get the best of both worlds. This is just some of what you can expect:

  • A Big Boost Of Creativity


    Our team awards bonus points and sends out personalized messages as submissions roll in, promoting creativity and engagement, because everyone loves bonus points.

  • Suspense



    With 30 minutes left in your game and competition at full peak, we pull the rug out and hide the leaderboard. Why? To make the winner’s ceremony that much more exciting.

  • Custom Video



    There’s no better way to wrap-up your game than with a custom highlight reel video, featuring the best of the best moments from your adventure.

  • Live Support



    Your game team can also be available via in-app chat, WhatsApp or Zoom for any in-game questions - which are rare - but just for peace of mind.

Epic Video Wrap-Up

When the time runs out, the experience is far from over!

Our mission is to connect people through epic shared game experiences - building stronger teams and connections around the world. We do this by creating an epic video wrap-up that showcases all of the submissions and memories created during the event.



  • What are the Physical Requirements and How Long are the Games?

    Our city games are played on foot so you can expect a casual walking pace for up to 2 hours with lots of stops to do challenges and explore the area.

    If you want a more ‘fast paced’ game please let us know and we’ll turn up the heat. Alternatively, we also have 60 and 90 minute versions available.

  • Can We Customize the Experience?

    Yes we can!  Personalized challenges about your values, custom locations, learning objectives - you name it.  Talk to a game producer today.

  • Are We All Walking Around Together?

    No. Our games are designed to scatter teams across the playing field and large groups can be assigned a variety of starting points.

  • Are the Start / Stop Locations Provided or Custom?

    Both. We have a game ‘zone’ for you to play in with recommended stop / starts, but can accommodate custom start / stop locations in most cases. We can also customize any of our games to specific locations, but normally that’s not required.

  • Do We Use Your App To Play?

    Yes. One person per team - or more if you wish - will download our proprietary app and join your private game. The app is loaded with fun and special features. However, if you have a strong phobia of downloading apps, many of our games can be played on a mobile web version (meaning no download).

    The app is configured per event but can include: challenges, maps, live streams (showing you other teams in action), live leaderboard, chat room (or trash talking zone), rewards and yes - more!

  • What is the Booking Process?

    Once you are ready to book, you’ll tell us the basics (e.g. which game, location, date, approx. headcount, etc.) and we’ll get you a contract, a deposit invoice and a game producer.

    Your game producer will make sure you have a great event and will handle any customization requests, hosts etc. You are in good hands.

  • What if We Don’t Know How Many People Will Be Playing?

    No problem! We will only invoice you for up to 90% of your headcount ensuring you have some wiggle room - but you don’t need to give us those numbers right away either.

  • What about Rain & Inclement Weather?

    Did we mention you're in good hands? While some of the most epic games have happened when teams battle a few elements, you are able to rebook your game for a future date at no additional cost. We also have ‘indoor’ games in many cities in case there is no future date for you.

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