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Summer is the season of sunshine, blue skies, and unforgettable memories. It's the perfect time to step away from the confines of the office (or your home) and dive into some much-needed relaxation and team building.



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If you're tasked with planning your summer company event, outing, or party, you've stumbled upon the perfect guide to ensure your event is the talk of the office for months to come.

Whether you're envisioning an annual company picnic/BBQ or an adventurous company summer outing, we've got you covered with exciting ideas and game suggestions that will unite your team in fun, competition and camaraderie.

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Where to Host Your Team This Year

The dilemma of picking the perfect location (or one that fits your group size and budget) can be daunting, but fret not! We're here to sprinkle some creativity into your venue selection, ensuring your event is both enjoyable and memorable.

Park / Picnic Area

Imagine the laughter and joy of your team as they engage in friendly competition under the warm summer sun. A park or picnic area offers an idyllic backdrop for your summer company event. Once you've secured a picturesque spot, the possibilities for music, food (hello food trucks!), and entertainment are endless. Beyond the traditional mingling and cornhole, we can add on a headlining team competition or the perfect casual competitive companion.

Business Campus / Office Compound

Everyone wants to go somewhere new and fun for the summer gathering, we get it. But that's not always possible or practical. Plus hosting it 'on site' brings a lot of advantages. So now that you are doing your gathering at the office let's talk about how we transform this familiar office campus into a competitive game zone of delight and discovery with one of our custom games.


Downtown - City Adventures

The bustling energy of your city's downtown can serve as the perfect stage for an epic team outing. This also happens to be our bread and butter when it comes to the range of game options and custom team experiences that we offer. We can transform any area of the city in your game board, having teams end up at Joe Nachos for your celebration or back at the office (or bus). 

Custom Locations

Got a unique venue in mind? We specialize in crafting bespoke games that bring your vision to life, regardless of the setting. We will build an unforgettable adventure tailored just for your team. But the venue offers passive games? Great! Now let's add on some custom competition to make this a truly memorable company party.


A Few Summer-Themed Games

A Barbie-Themed Corporate Scavenger Hunt? 

Yes. And you know what? A Barbie-themed Scavenger Hunt might be the summer team adventure you need. 

summer amazing race

3 Amazing Race Options

You've seen the television show and thought to yourself that it would be fun to compete against your friends, family, or colleagues in an Amazing Race of your own. Well, look no further, we've got just the game for you!

Summer Olympics Style Scavenger Hunt

Calling all aspiring Olympians (or anyone with a super competitive streak)! Played anywhere, teams compete in a series of epic challenges, laughing, learning, and connecting along the way.

summer olympics-themed

Choosing the right mix of location and activities can transform a simple gathering into an extraordinary summer company event that boosts morale, fosters team bonding, and creates lasting memories.


Let this summer be the season your team grows closer, laughs harder, and enjoys the beauty of togetherness. Ready to plan your company's best summer outing yet? Let's dive into the adventure together!


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