Your City is our Amazing Race Board!

Is your team ready for a company adventure for the ages? This epic team building event will take teams on a journey through the city, visiting 20+ locations and tackling over 50 epic challenges, including our famous high-stakes Route Marker challenges.

Group Sizes: 20 - 1000

Ready to Tackle Our Epic Route Marker Challenges!?

Teams LOVE



Your Amazing Race will feature a series of custom "Route Marker" challenges. These are live stations that we've dreamed up based on your city and group vibe that can range from the silly to the seriously intense! You'll be part of the selection process as we plan the event!

Can Touch



You’ve arrived at “Can Touch This” - you open your envelope and find that each team member will get 5 seconds to feel inside 3 different mystery boxes. Teams then gather (after sanitizing their hands) to decide exactly what was in each mystery box. What's in the box!? You can help us decide or just trust us.

Viral Wednesdays


You’ve arrived at “Viral Wednesdays” and are greeted by a choreographer who will train your team on the latest viral dance video. Teams learn the dance and ways to customize their mystery object. Training done - head over to the filming location and 3.2.1…Action! Let's see if we have any stars.


“My Coca-Cola colleagues and I cannot thank Social Scavenger enough for
helping us create a fun, strategic adventure that had our adrenaline pumping
and creative juices flowing!  Highly recommended”


Sean K, Snr. Event Planner, Coca-Cola

Frictionless, Simple & Guaranteed Fun

Step 1 - Planning the Event

Hop on a call and we'll work with your location, group size, and budget to get the Amazing Race that will work best for your group. Our game production team will iron out all the details from outfits to the route marker playbooks ensuring an epic event.

Step 2 - It's Game Day

Our game team will pump up the crowd (honestly they are normally pretty pumped) and get the teams on their way, exploring the game zone, trying to win the day, and having a blast. Teams will use our custom app as their city guide.

Step 3 - The Big Reveal

Our games will bring out joy and create amazing moments and connection points. Our games are competitive, co-operative, and guaranteed to get you - rave reviews!

Did you mean 'how the game works?' Our games are powered by our award-winning app that uses GPS, stickers, photos, videos, hints, puzzles, timers, live streams, live leaderboards and chat to create an engaging adventure - Book a demo.

Creativity is Always Rewarded: More Winners = More Fun!

Each of our games is fully managed by our in-house game production team. In the background back at mission control we will watch all of the submissions as they pour in, send out messages and award bonus points for creativity. We'll also produce winners for specific challenges - because everyone loves MORE WINNING! and it makes your wrap up celebration that much more fun.

The Big Reveal: Wrap Up Video & Awards

Each of our games is fully managed by our in-house game production team. Our hosts can help pump up your teams and get the event going. In the background, mission control will send out messages, award bonus points for creativity, and put together a game wrap-up presentation that will captivate. Teams can always get in touch with mission control during gameplay for support or bribe us for free hints!

If you don’t need our team on game day, not a problem, self-hosted options are also available. Speak with a game producer to see how we can help put together a bespoke hosted experience for your team.

Why Amazing Races Make Epic Team Building Events

Our city adventures let you reconnect with your team while working together to solve challenges and have a blast while you do it. Our games are the safest and most fun way to get back into in-person events. These experiences are guaranteed to boost morale, create laughter through hilarious photos and videos and help rekindle that competitive team spirit that’s been missing during our time working remotely.

Game Duration: typically 3 hours
Group Size: typically 75 - 500
Team Sizes: typically 6-8 (varies based on total group size)
Average Budget: ~$100-$200pp (this can vary based on your asks)

Our Technology Platform

Games are custom built to run in our proprietary platform keeping the game organized and allowing us to interact with you in real-time. Only one team member needs to use our app to access your private game, which is available on iOS, Android, and the Web (no download) and can be included.


  • Leaderboard with real-time updates
  • Live Streams so you can spy on your competitors
  • Real-time messaging from our team
  • Highlight reel souvenir videos for each team
  • Maps, GPS unlocks, hints, stickers, etc.
  • Live chat
  • Much more - but who cares it's all about the people!

3 Game Tiers at a Glance

Premier Tier ($50pp)


This is perfect for competitive groups as we’ll be watching and reviewing challenges, messaging with teams, and creating a really fun wrap-up package. You can still add on fun custom AI challenges and you can’t go wrong with this option.

Gold Tier ($75pp)

For a group of 100, you might want more than a ‘top 3’ type of finish. This opens up more winning and celebrating more teams. It also means that teams can focus on winning a ‘challenge’ vs. the entire game if they feel like they are outmatched.

Amazing Race ($125pp+)

This jumps it up a significant level - typically you’ll want more than 2 hours to get the full value out of this experience as you want both live stations and many other discovery challenges around the city. Customizing these can be epically fun though - so worth considering.

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