Amazing Races

Compete against others teams as you race around your building, your city, your country, or the world.

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Size: Any
Time: 2-3 hours
Location: Any
Cost: From $40 to $400 pp.
When you need: Team BuildingCompetitionStrategic ThinkingTeam Cohesion
Our passion delivers: Amazing MomentsMedia MementosCity ExplorationAdventureLaughsTeamworkUnique Experiences

You've seen the television show, and thought to yourself that it would be fun to compete against your friends, family or colleagues in an Amazing Race of your own. In our battle tested games, teams will have 2 hours to race around earning points by tracking down locations and performing challenges. Our team will make your Amazing Race a hit on almost any budget. From out-of-the-box self serve games through to our fully personalized white glove service, we have an offering for everyone.

Amazing Races

Put on your own show with spectacular races delivered and captured via mobile phone.

Move around an area on foot finding hidden locations, unlocking secret challenges, avoiding yields and u-turns, challenging other teams when you find them, and of course making it to every pit stop. We have a huge variety of missions for all skill sets. Can your team finish the final leg first?


Teams of two to five people are recommended. Teams can be progressively eliminated up to the final leg or you can keep everyone competing right to the end.


Teams must work with other teams to complete certain challenges. The more you want people to mix, the more intersections to list.

Route Markers
Route Markers

Route markers help teams navigate the race and can be pre-placed physical signs with live operators or QR codes for checkin. They can also be purely virtual, determined and completed by GPS location.

Our most cost effective races are pre-packaged games, tried and true, that you open and play. For those who are looking for something truly special, and have a little more to spend, our game makers can help craft a personalized game optimized to you and your group.

The typical experience is conducted as a city exploration. Races can cover less ground, or more, but most of our races have teams running a neighbourhood or city. It is also common to use a race to lead up to another big event, or as the ending.


Have your teams solve riddles, or ask and be granted hints in exchange for penalties.


Facilitators and judges can interject into the race. Individual teams can be targetted with special challenges live during the game. Skip a detour and judges can levy a penalty.


Challenges can be locked until completion of a preceding roadblock. Set rules around who can complete the challenge or let the team pick.

Challenges may be riddles or triva, may require photo or video submissions, may require being at a specific location or finding a hidden code to scan and more.

Our team will work with you before, during and after the event to make sure your experience is a memorable one. We can help select and personalize challenges, create the route, moderate the game and provide recaps and rewards. Our platinum offering is completely white glove and anything is possible.

Fast Forward
Fast Forward

Judges can message teams during the game to grant them passes to skip a challenge or a set of challenges.


Our team can give you challenges from our library of the best from the past. Throw some sure fire hits into the mix.

Yields and U-turns
Yields and U-turns

Teams can be given time outs where they must wait before completing the next challenge. U-turns can be used to turn teams back and force them to re-complete a challenge.

If you're group is in multiple cities, ask us about our global game where multiple cities are run in parallel at the same time and teams share the experience via remote video before and after the race.

The Experience

From our most cost effective experience to our top of the line - one thing hold true: someone from our team is always available to help.

Our lowest price gets you a self serve experience. That means you buy a premade game, and are left on your own to customize it if you wish. You fully manage the event. Your participants go into the Social Scavenger app to play.

Our highest priced offering means someone from our team gives you a personal touch through the entire process leading up to, during and after the event. Your participants see your custom branding or personal design either inside the Social Scavenger app or as part of your very own app. Someone from our team will work with you to discover the best modifications to be made, design and deliver the changes, help kick off, moderate and end the event. Our video editors make you an epic highlight reel that you can share with the group at the awards ceremony. Some events have members of our team on location, and others employ live actors to enhance the experience. Live virtual judges often watch the game in real time from afar, sending out words of motivation to the participants. Basically, if you have a budget, almost anything is possible. We like to think that we've seen it all at this point, but every year someone pushes it to the next level. Most of our business is built on our high end experiences, so we make sure they exceed expectations.

Between the cheapest and the most luxurious, lies a number of different permutations. You can mix and match add-ons to give your participants an experience somewhere in the middle. Our team will provide you a menu with pricing from which you can select what works best for you. We take a consultative approach to making your day perfect.

Premium Addons

Live Scoring and Judges

We watch. We judge. We award bonus points based on creativity and effort. Oh... and we send teams funny messages based on what we see happening.

Highlight Reels

At your activity, the highlight reel is always a hand-crafted hit and goes very well with an award ceremony or as a fun memento.

Video Crew

Add a team of videographers to tail around your participants. The mix of videos from the players with those from the crew makes for a great experience.

Personalized Challenges

Every challenge can be personalized. Get executives to introduce challenges with a video, integrate vision and mission statements, and test on company or group trivia from the past.


You use a new innovative ticketing system and need it to work with us right? We can tie our platform to other systems.


Unlock our library of challenges from past successful implementations. Search the library by tag, tap a button and it is now part of your game.

Custom Stickers

Branded, personalized or themed stickers can be created for you. Get players interacting with and producing photos of themselves with your logo, mascot or otherwise special sticker.

Live Actor
Live Actors

Our cosplay style actors are placed at special locations for your teams to track down... and once they do? The actor or actress will let you know. Only once teams successfully complete their mission will they be sent on their way.


Enter your private game code and POOF - magic. Your game can be fully branded for a company, individual or theme. Full branding means not just a logo, but terms, icons, custom areas and more.

Live Station
Live Stations

Find our hosts at a series of stations and discover what challenge awaits your team.

Program Development

Engage our game makers to understand your objectives and then work backwards to build the perfect game for your audience.

Custom Reporting

Analytics on your mind? Beyond our standard reporting we can work to develop custom reports based on your goals and desired outcomes.

Custom Boxes

Everyone wants to know what's in the box... but why ruin the surprise? We are happy to customize boxes for large events and a variety of themes.

Why an Amazing Race? Why Social Scavenger?

After years of delivering incredible races to people all over the world, we've figured out how to provide memorable experiences to our customers.

Amazing races are different from our other games in a few important ways. First, they are races and as such are bound to a shorter time frame during which all teams must play at the same time. Second, they follow the game formula of a travel race - where the participants are exploring as part of game play. Third, the players cannot advance without completely challenges and there is a specific order to how the challenges are progressed. Lastly, our amazing races are aligned to all the concepts we've listed above to give a familiar and novel experience of playing a game everyone already knows.

Social Scavenger is different from competitors today in a few major ways. We've been doing this for nearly ten years, and have built the business in a way such that our customers are #1. This allows us to serve you with complete focus. We're also special in that we layer our incredible software product with an equally impressive services group. We dream with you, and are open to integrating special requests into our products. Every month we do events from $500 to $50,000 and up, so we're experts at delivering the best possible outcomes on any budget. We employ game makers, designers, developers, judges, actors, moderators, video editors - all so you don't have to.

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