Wig Sticker Packs

Ever wanted to change up your hairstyle, but afraid to go under the razor? Don’t fret, these wig sticker packs will let you try on as many different hairstyles to find a new do, for you!


Click to download your own free Hairstyle Wigs Sticker Pack!

Here’s a sample of a wig Sticker live in action:

IMG_1897 copy
Now if you’re unsure what to do with your Sticker Pack, read over our post on
how to upload Stickers and use Stickers in your scavenger challenges!

Here for a limited time, Social Scavenger has released 2 more Sticker Packs:

Click here for the Eyewear Sticker Pack
Click here for the Mouth Sticker Pack
Click here for the Ears Sticker Pack
Click here for the Hats Sticker Pack

We can also happily build you custom AR Stickers for any event or game you have coming up. If you can dream it, we can make it! Get in touch with us to find out what you need to get your next scavenger challenge started.