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Beacon-Based Scavenger Hunts – What are you waiting for?

Build a Beacon-based game today in Social Scavenger! Here’s a quick overview on what they look like inside of Social Scavenger:

Beacons on the Social Scavenger App

Here is a quick and easy breakdown on how Beacons work on the Social Scavenger app. From the admin side, it begins with a quick configuration of your Beacon(s) so that each Beacon matches the right game and challenge.

Players have to get within range of a Beacon to unlock Challenges (photo, video, trivia, stickers, and many other unique challenges to choose from.) Sweet.

The Future is Here with Beacons

Beacons are a great way to engage with your audience, and get them moving on their feet. What is a Beacon you may ask? A Beacon is a small device (think piece of plastic) that uses Bluetooth technology to send radio waves to surrounding devices (i.e a player’s smartphone.) Once the device picks up a signal from the Beacon, it will state its proximity in meters.

Different ways to use Beacons?

  • Mr X. Place a Beacon in somebody’s pocket – forcing people to track down your mystery guest.
  • Involve vendors and sponsors, driving traffic to their locations.
  • Use riddles and clues to help players get in ‘range’ of the Beacon.
  • Lock multiple challenges to each Beacon.
Simple and awesome. Get in touch with us to order your Beacons today!


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