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Bringing the Fun to YOU: Custom Game Locations for Team Events

Let’s Play – Anywhere

Custom Game Locations

Are you planning an exciting company retreat, a remote conference, or simply want a fun activity at your location? Look no further – Social Scavenger has got you covered!

Social Scavenger is all about creating unforgettable team events, tailor-made for unique and everyday locations. From bustling city streets to serene rural landscapes, tech parks to local parking lots – wherever you are, we are ready to bring the game to you. Why? Because we believe the key ingredient to an exceptional team event is flexibility.

We understand that each team is unique and so should be its team-building event. That’s why our service isn’t confined just to predetermined spots. Instead, we expand our operations to where YOU want your event to happen. Be it the top of a snow-covered peak, the heart of a vibrant city, or even right inside your office building – if you can name it, we can game it!

Our streamlined six-step process ensures systematic handling:

1. Join us on a call to discuss your game objectives and preferred location.
2. We’ll visualize your game zone using Google Maps (or custom maps of a venue etc).
3. It’s research and development time for us!
4. We’ll transform your ideas into an engaging game.
5. The game day arrives – explore and enjoy in your custom game zone.
6. Finally, you’re the hero who made this amazing adventure possible!

From Thailand’s energetic streets to the tranquil Swiss Alps or tech havens like Googleplex, our experienced team has designed all-embracing team events across the globe. But we recognize that sometimes, the best locations are those hidden gems in your local area or even places of everyday occurrence.

So whether you’re off on an adventure getaway or planning an intimate team session in your local vicinity, remember that Social Scavenger is here to add that extra dash of excitement with custom designed games right at your preferred location.

In a world where work transcends physical boundaries, let’s break the physical limits of team-building activities too! Let the games begin!

Learn more about custom game locations here

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