How to Scavenger Hunt

Can I interest you in a smooth running Scavenger Hunt?

To help make sure your Scavenger Hunt runs smoothly we have provided a tip sheet for your players. Step 1- you’ve built your Scavenger Hunt on the Social Scavenger Platform.  If not, go back and tackle Step 1 first.

Awesome, now it’s time to prep your players.  It doesn’t matter if this is for a conference, company team building, large scale public event or a birthday party, the goal is to make your life easier by having players / teams  download the Social Scavenger App before game day and give them some tips.

Why?  Well some people will actually read it and it will save you time on game day.  This also ensure they have a compatible device.  You are of course encouraged to make your own customized instructions, but we are happy to provide this template as a starting point for our clients.

Download your quick guide

Download the How to Join Your Scavenger Hunt instructions here.

Need a customized guide?  Feel free to create your own or flip us an email and you can start with our template.  Email us at info”at”

Have fun!


By socialscavenger