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Case Study: Experiential Mobile Campaign Gets Gamified

Adding an experiential element to your next campaign?

Incorporating an experiential layer of mobile to your next campaign is a great way to connect your online and offline worlds- so what are you waiting for?  Employing the benefits of mobile smartphone technology, you’ll be introducing your brand to users in a completely new and invigorating way.  Why try to cobble together and chaotically organize a game using hash tags?  Without a game platform, who will do all the heavy lifting?  These days you can create a completely branded gamification solution all on your own. Out of the box. Check out what ESKA did in a recent experiential campaign using a Social Scavenger White Label solution:

Case Study:  Experiential Campaign for ESKA.  Location Based, Experiential Mobile Fun.

Why add Gamification to your campaign?

Gamification is a great way to create positive brand experience as potential customers and fans get a chance to interact with your brand. With a mobile device in hand, you don’t need a rep on every street corner to engage with your users.  Gamification can be a non-intimidating but pervasive to get a message across. A way to engage with your fans while complementing your overall strategic goals and campaigns.

It also generates authentic and enthusiastic content

Not only all that, you also get a heap of user generated content that can be used for marketing and social purposes. Users will be occupied with fulfilling challenges and creating memorable memories, which in turn means great content for your brand- without breaking a sweat! Also something for users to take away from the experience and share through their own social channels.

What kind of games are we talking about here?

The flexibility of the platform gives you the opportunity to create all kinds of challenge based game.  In the case study, driving users to find hidden QR codes, that unlocked Augmented Reality challenges – both drove people to locations, introduced them to where they could interact with the brand and then rewarded them with fun AR challenges that make for funny shareable photos.  But that’s only one example, with 7 challenge types and all kinds of configuration options, creativity is your main limitation.

How can I add mobile to my experiential campaign?

If you’re interested in making that first step to adding mobile to your campaign. If you feel like you’re running in the dark, we have a blog post that will help you get started. Social Scavenger offers feature challenges like Augmented Reality, QR Codes, Trivia, Video and a lot more other customizations to suit your brand’s needs.


Case Study:  Experiential Campaign for ESKA.  Location Based, Experiential Mobile Fun.


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