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Challenge Off: White Label Your Own Scavenger Hunt App

How to launch your very own White Label App

Want to have your own Scavenger Hunt app?  You aren’t alone.  From events to festivals, conferences to tourism, product launches to campus orientation – engaging fans on mobile devices is here to stay.  So while you could go build a Scavenger Hunt right now at (go for it!), brands and business’ are looking to expand their branding and digital presence by owning the experience.  That’s where a White Label comes in.  Your Brand.  Our Technology.

Today we’ll take a look at the process to get your very own branded app using the Daredevil Project’s white label solution, an app called Challenge-Off.

Daredevil Project, like all of our clients, have one thing in common: they do not want to spend their time and money focusing on app development.  They want to focus their energy on building the business not building the technology.

The Idea:  Kicked off with a Chat

It all starts with getting to know each other and learning what you are hoping to achieve and how the platform can make that dream come true.  “Scavenger Hunt” is a very limited way to look at the platform, as in reality it is used for all kinds of mobile engagement.  So we sat down (virtually) with Paul Archer (CEO) and he told us all about Challenge Off – a ‘one-word’ challenge game!

Challenge Off is a nifty idea where players are given one word, and then have to interpret that with photos or videos.  So when somebody says “hot” or “fish” how would you interpret it?


When I think hot...I now think about this photo!
When I think hot…I now think about this photo!












Functionality – What do you need

Now Paul is a creative fellow and wanted to add a lot of value to challenge based engagements.  One way his team does this is through judging, celebrity or otherwise.   So while you might get 1 point for taking a photo of a fire, judges are bound to reward the human boiling cauldron with a premium score!

This type of judging functionality wasn’t in the base platform at the time, so we worked with Paul to iron out how it could be integrated to support their needs and still work well in our base solution.

Challenge Off

Bottom line:  while the platform is robust, flexible and always advancing, we work with each client to understand exactly how they are going to run their business and make sure the platform can support them.  At that point we can get going!

Implementation – how do you get an app live?

How do you end up with an App in the App store?  Something you can use to drive business, run your business or even create a business from scratch?  Well we follow a process.  In very brief it looks like this:

1.  Sign up – Get your agreement in place.

2.  Design  – Everyone loves the design phase as we brand your app and microsite.

3.  Content – It’s not just filling out app descriptions and picking titles, it’s about crafting your message to the world.

4.  Development & Testing – we build your app and send it to your test devices so you can play around with it and make any changes before it goes to the store!

5.  Punch it Chewy – that’s the part where we hit the button and it goes off for approval by iTunes and Google Play

The Human Fishbowl...don't we all feel like that sometimes?
The Human Fishbowl…don’t we all feel like that sometimes?










How long does it take to get your app launched? 

That mostly comes down to you, the client.  The most recent app we launched set the record from signing contract to live in store.  We had under three weeks, and by the graces of Apple expediency got the job done.

In general it probably takes on average 6-8 weeks to get everything sorted out and launched, but where required, together we can burn some midnight oil, make quick decisions and pray to the Apple god’s that the review goes quickly!

So that’s your 20,000 foot overview.  It’s fun, easy and at the end of the day you end up with an awesome mobile engagement tool.  Time to get into it?  Get in touch.





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