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Cheer up Fives: Video Reel of the Week

This week we featured our users seeking high fives from strangers around their city and communities. But theres’s so much happy fives going around, we couldn’t possibly fit it all into one week! Stay tuned for our next weekly content post, where we’ll hit you with another wave of unique ice-breaking high five challenges.

Giving a High Five as a Video Challenge?

A high five can be a friendly challenge that anyone can accomplish. A great way to bring down walls and add a smile to a stranger’s day. Why not kick it up a notch and reward higher valued points to those who get a little more creative with their high fives? A simple slap of two people’s hands is just a base challenge; who can make the longest high five train? Who can make the loudest high five? The most extreme daredevil high five? Videos are great if you want to capture actions in motion, and want to re-experience first hand. They’re even better to watch when you project them onto a big screen for an end-of-the-day-challenge recap. Such as these that we’ve enjoyed this week:




Happy high-fiving!

By socialscavenger