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Holiday Party Game Ideas

Holiday Party Planning?  Here’s the Fun Part

Planning a holiday party for your company can be fun, but it’s no doubt a lot of work, chaos and stress!   Let Social Scavenger ensure that when it comes to the fun and games, your event will have people raving even if the Shrimp cocktail lets you down (which of course, we hope it doesn’t).

Ideas for your Party Game – The Indoor Holiday Hunt

Your holiday party is most likely going to be indoors.  You maybe even have a few other activities and booths set up – along with mingling, eating and drinking.  No problem.  Be it a headliner or one of a few options we’ll engage with your guests in a time based game (maximum of 1 hour at your party).  That way it keeps people engaged and acts a great compliment or main event to your night.

How it works?  

Guests can form into small teams and then set out to accomplish a series of challenges, ending 60 minutes after they begin.  The entire time they can check out the leaderboard and watch as funny photos and videos hit the live stream.

The team who can earn the most points in one hour is the winner!  The best part is guests can start whenever they want throughout your party.  If you want to get even more involved and interactive you could award bonus points for creativity, keeping your guests on their goes (and at their best).

The Holiday Party Game – Challenge Types:

You can create an entirely customized game – bringing in some highlights and personality from your company or utilize pre-existing challenges.  Most people prefer to mix and match to create the perfect game.   The key is to have a balance of each type of challenge.  Some you can do hovering around the punch bowl, and some you might want to do after a few sips from the punch bowl.

The Puzzlers:  A puzzler may keep you puzzling till your puzzler is soar.  But don’t spend too much time, you only have an hour!  These are often visual challenges or puzzles that people can’t simply ‘Google’.  Googling has really kept the focus off thinking – well in these visual based challenges you’ll be thinking – then answering to earn max points!

Stickers for the Holidays:  What’s more fun than posing down with the Grinch at a Holiday Party? Posing as the grinch of course!  Using stickers we can unleash a bevy of perfectly themed holiday stickers for your event.  These can range from postcard styles to literally wearing a grinch head.  These memorable photo challenges can be unlocked as your team completes other challenges.

The Grinch Officially Crashed Our Party
The Grinch Officially Crashed Our Party

Physically Creative:  A series of video and photo challenges will bring out unique skills, talents and generate creative moments from faux company interviews to figuring out how to get under the punch bowl.  Designed to get people thinking, interacting and being creative.

Classic Trivia:  This is a great chance to get people in the company feeling a bit more attached and interested to others on a personal level.  It could be very dry “What are our Q1 Revenue Targets” (Bleh) or it can help you get to know the head of sales “Tom Seaver, our head of sales, grew up with a Pet Turtle…what was this Turtles name”?

After Party:  Because you’ll be creating some classic photos and video moments you can always live stream these on a big screen or put together a ‘best of’ slideshow towards the end of your night and announce the winners.

Let’s Party!  
If you are ready to build your very own Holiday Party Indoor Adventure just head over to or get in touch and we can talk to you about building an amazing holiday party game!



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