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How To Build A Scavenger Hunt For Dummies: PART TWO DETAILING

Now that you have your challenges built, we can tell you some of our mind numbing tricks to make your game even BETTER than it already is.

Beyond Scavenger Hunt Basics

Note:  if you are really just looking for the very basics on setting up your game – watch this quick How to build your Scavenger Hunt.  This walks you through the very basics.  

You are not limited any one way of thinking when you build your Scavenger Hunt.  It could be a treasure hunt, an amazing race, a trivia game, a pokemon go style of game or one of any other unique games you can dream up.

What can you do with one fun YouTube clip embedded inside of your challenge? You can start adding questions like “What movie is this famous clip from?” (trivia challenge) or “Do your best impersonation of this film clip” (video challenge) or “Pose with the famous hat from this film clip” (sticker challenge). These are just 3 quick examples of challenges you could create using one amazing YouTube clip.

A real way to SPICE things up is by locking some challenges to others. This way, players are only able to access certain challenges if they complete the other ones first. When locking a challenge to another, players aren’t able to view them until they are unlocked… which makes things quite interesting if they end up unlocking a tricky challenge. The best thing about this feature is players can view the amount of points the challenge is worth without even opening it but have no idea what the challenge entails!

In this example you can see that this puzzle challenge is on your list, yet you can’t open it until you have completed the other challenge “What Movie is This? (You also know it’s worth 50 points).

Locked Challenge

Using Combo Rewards VS. Challenge Rewards

There are many ways to leverage the flexibility of the Social Scavenger platform to make unique challenge combinations and games.

Let’s take a look at one example, where we use the rewards and clues section in the challenge to create a word jumble and then a final bonus question. In this example, we’re going to make 3 challenges that will unlock one letter (as a clue) at a time. By completing all 3 ‘clue’ challenges the players will have enough information to answer the bonus question at the end…. ‘What’s the word of the day?’ (or whatever question you want that goes with your theme). These letters will be tied to the different challenges they complete throughout their hunt, and will then show up in rewards & clues section.

To attach your clue, (or in this case letter) you’ll need to add it to the last red tab that looks like a present. There you can upload your image clue and add a title (if you wish).


When they complete the challenge, their clue gets added to the rewards tab! Your challenge rewards will also show up here.

Rewards and Clues

Another way to reward your players is setting prizes for the amount of submissions players complete. You can start with an easy one after their first challenge, or simply when they finish the game!

The Secret to the After Party

Now that your players are all set for the greatest adventure, with all the hidden clues, rewards and so many challenge types…….what more could they really need?!

Well, not only does Social Scavenger process information in real time, YOUR players are also able to view them through a live stream! Every time a team completes a challenge their data gets submitted under the live stream tab where anyone can view them. (Don’t worry, they don’t give away answers!)

We also understand that because every team is busy doing their own challenges, they don’t always get a chance to see all of the other teams post’s. This is why we’ve designed another great feature where you can export all of the content gathered from the game after everyone is finished playing! Now for the “after party” or when you’re all gathered together next, everyone has the chance to be able to view each other’s footage. This turns out to be a fun and interactive way for everyone to hangout after the hunt, and discuss how they approached various challenges in comparison to other teams and individuals.

HINT: If you want to go even more above and BEYOND… contact us and we can put together a video for your post hunt party with all your footage set to music and featuring the best of the best.

Once you get the hang of adding these little tricks into your scavenger hunt, you will be sure to impress your players with an adventure like no other.

Still think you need help coming up with the ULTIMATE hunt for your players? Feel free to reach out, and we’ll be more than happy to help design the perfect game for you!

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