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Make Your Award Ceremony POP with Video

Go Ahead:  Be A Hero!

You know what is awesome after your Scavenger Hunt or Amazing Race?  Reliving the glory.  We recommend doing this in the form of an Awards Ceremony . And we don’t just mean 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Of course, let’s recognize the winners – they clearly went the extra mile.  But we also love to reward the ‘best of’.   These can range from creativity to interacting with the public to wildly unexpected on the fly awards. (Editor’s note:  a video is always great even the next day!)

The more awards the better – everybody loves to win!  If you have included CUSTOM challenges for your game (like integrating company mission and vision) those can be great ones to reward as well…but don’t worry if that sounds boring….we’ll help make those challenges super fun and engaging too.  Coming up with who wins is pretty easy.  But now we need to tie your Scavenger Hunt together with a Video.

Creating a Highlight Reel Video for your Scavenger Hunt After Party

Sample Video


So, how to best relive the glory?  Here are 3 ways to get your video ready to rock and impress your audience.

  1. Export your Game (via email, zip file gets you all your assets) and get editing!
  2. Dropbox Connect (link up your dropbox account to your game and get the hi-res photos and videos in practically real time) and get editing!
  3. Hire us to create a Video for you!  Clearly the easiest option (especially if you are playing the game) and we’ll have it ready for your after party.

The thing with highlight reel videos, is well…the videos and…the highlight concept!

Highlights:  You do not want a 45 minute video.  That’s like a family slide show gone wrong.  We want this thing tight but inclusive.  Depending on how big your game is 4-5 minutes.

Videos:  You also want videos in your video.  Extracting the nuggets of pure gold in those video hills, and gold there will be my friend, is what takes your highlight reel to the next level and beyond.  If you are in a rush – hey you can just go photo style.  But give us a call.  We’ll help you out.
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