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Service Spotlight: Building Awesome Scavenger Hunts

“Do you have any great ideas for our Scavenger Hunt?”.  Yes.  Yes we do.  We get that question a lot at Social Scavenger.  And we’ve always tried to help out so you can have the most amazing game day ever.  Now?  Now we are offering more and more to make your next Scavenger Hunt super amazing .

Our growing list of partners means we can provide services wherever you are, for whatever type of game you are looking to build.

Service Spotlight:  Game Building – City Scavenger Hunts for your Team

How do you build an amazing 2 hour city based Scavenger Hunt?  You figure out the general distance to cover.  You decide on a start / end point.  We take into consideration your group – the Northwestern Swim team for example mowed down challenges in a Chicago Scavenger Hunt like they were Michael Phelps racing a shark.  Some of our other more casual groups…not so much.  Are you local – then you might want a hidden part of town, or you might simply not need to smell the roses.  Visiting a new town?  What a great way to build team relationships – both engaging in a competition to together and discovering parts of a city where you are doing a retreat, like we did with Strategy Plus Design in Vancouver.

Oh, You Kind of Want to Build it?

Yes, we know what you mean.  You don’t want to dream up all the challenges, but you have some great ideas and inside jokes you want to incorporate.  We’ve got options for you ranging from ‘here are a few ideas’ right through to ‘here’s a game with those ideas’.  But either way you always have the option to access the game builder and mix up your game by simply clicking and editing.  And isn’t that what we mostly want to do?  Take something and make it better?  That’s where your genius can really shine, not getting you bogged down in the details!

Oh, You Don’t Want to Build Anything?

No problem.  We work with that to.

Bottom line is your game has to be awesome.  People need to have a good time.  You need to hit your goals.  We’ll keep us on track to make sure that’s what your game is all about.  We know

  • how many challenges
  • how far a distance to cover
  • what type of challenges work for different groups
  • how to encourage people along the way
  • the importance of a hilarious wrap up video
  • mixing in company / brand ‘goals’ along with pure fun to crank up the value proposition
  • and of course how to maximize our features and settings for the best experience.

Our clients are ALWAYS welcome to build their own scavenger hunt and engage with us at any time in the process, from pure ideation to checking out a game you are building in our system.  Just reach out and let’s talk.


p.s. A few other services we offer.  More on these later….

  • Game Building (partial or complete)
  • On the ground support
  • Virtual support
  • Sticker creation
  • Rebus puzzle creation
  • Video Highlight Reels for post event or social media
  • Game judging and moderation
  • Team building moderators, lessons learned, speakers
  • Custom microsites, web feeds of your content
  • More!  More?  Sure.  Let’s chat – what do you need?


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